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Leatherman, Leash, & All or None + those covers, NYC (last night) 2016

Oh they brought it last night. That first encore in particular was a beauty: EV covering the Beatles, then All or None, Pendulum, Present Tense, Breath (can we get a woohoo for @Letkemann and her crazy awesome 150th show during which she got to sing this song out with EV?), SOLAT and Porch. Sweet mother, I don’t know if I could come up with a better encore, and by all accounts there was all kinds of magic afoot. And our fella MFC172 was there to capture a bunch of it pretty durned well.

They played the Man trilogy! So fun. Here’s Leatherman:

And even though it makes me cringe a little for Mr Vedder’s vocal cords, here’s that Leash.

I’ll pretty much post this one any time they play it: All or None.

And…NOT TO MENTION Cheap trick coming out (early!) for a sweet cover of Surrender.

AND then Sting of all people coming out for a great Driven to Tears (a cover I’ve missed!).

Rats & Footsteps, NYC (last night!) 2016

Pretty solid setlist last night, and I get a strong sense that there was some general MSG magic going on though I admit I wasn’t paying as much attention as usual! I will tonight – Avocado’s 10 years old somehow – so I’m guessing they’ve got something special up their sleeve. Avocado has never been a top tier album for me (I know), as it came out when I was moving across continents and had a few other things going on. I never really connected with it. But I’ve had a recent Riot Act renaissance and I’m guessing and Avocado one isn’t far behind.

The setlist last night wasn’t overwhelmingly awesome (I promise I’m not turning into that guy) but they played a ton of great stuff and that special energy seemed to be there. I love that Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns is in such high rotation these days. And any show that gets In Hiding is a treasure. Also, they played the Doobie Brothers, which is super weird, but it coincided perfectly with the arrival on my phone of an alert from the Seattle Police Dept about the May Day protests downtown, and I swear, they played that song in response. The guys sound GREAT.

I get to be super lazy when our man MFC172 is on the case, these are all his typically fantastic videos.

I giggled a bit to see they played Rats:

And a glorious, moving Footsteps:



Go, Indifference, & EV in the pit for Porch, Greenville SC (last *Vs.* night!) 2016

Well well well well well well WELL you lucky, lucky dogs at Greenville last night. I tell you what: I count myself among the lucky ones to have a band that not only keeps making kickass music 25 years later, but also treats the old stuff they’ve done with the same respect and love as their fans. It’s CRAZY to think that they played 1993’s Vs. front to back last night, not as part of a reunion tour or part of some official retrospective remembrance, but (I’m guessing) because they thought it would be pretty fun and their fans would like it. Well! I tell you what! THEIR FANS REALLY LIKED IT. I was out to dinner with the fam, and then walking back, I hopped onto the Twitter machine and my timeline was an enormous, freaking out joyful celebration of how *ridiculously* awesome this band is and how *crazy* lucky the folks in Greenville were. I had my own little freakout, which ended up with the unexpected delight of Pearl Jam’s official Twitter retweeting me. So! That was exciting, though I’m not sure why! It blew up my Timeline and pushed me over 1,000 followers (what) so if you’re reading this because you found your way here via that RT: heya!

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at Apr 17 11.59.12 AM

ANYWAY! And I’ll update these videos if (when) some better ones comes out.

Here’s Go (from the back and the screen, kinda cool), to kick off the Vs. fun, and sweet mother, this song never, ever gets old, am I right?:

And here’s Indifference to wrap it up. Video’s not great but the sound is pretty decent (and I even kind of love the guy singing his heart out in the second verse).

Seeking video of Breath, but in the meantime, this is a fun clip of EV in the pit during Porch, having a fucking great time. GAH I LOVE THIS BAND.


Glorified G, Mesa, AZ 1993

Sticker winners! Did you think I had forsaken you? Alas, no. Instead, I snapped a ligament in my ribs and was laid up for the last week and a half. Good times. I’ve hardly been able to sit at my computer long enough to compose an email, much less watch any YouTube glory that you submitted. Anyway, better now. And such fun to post in the coming days!

This is from @LemonYellowSon on the Twitter machine, and it’s a classic. I picked it EVEN THOUGH I think this is my least favorite Pearl Jam song of all time, and despite the fact that my PhD in public health is screaming at me for doing it. But, it’s classic early 90s Ed, and I’d never seen it before, and it’s  great. So, enjoy! Especially Ed lighting up an ENTIRE PACK at once. So gross.

And @LemonYellowSon, DM me your mailing address so I can send you a sticker!



Go, Buffalo 2013

What better way to kick off the new year? Ready…steady…GO!

And this [Ed-focused] video is pretty much ridiculously awesome. (For more Go awesome, you should watch this).

All Those Yesterdays & Go, Brooklyn 2013

Yeah, I posted this ATY not too long ago. But MFSYNC172 recently synced the audio, so now this video is basically perfect. AND, bonus!, I get to pretend it’s from the show I saw in Portland.

And, because my day needs a little rage, here’s Go from the same show.