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ANGEL and a bunch of other awesome, Fenway night two, 2016

Fenway night one was fucking awesome. And yet. And yet! Fenway night two? I don’t even have the words for Fenway night two. We were down on the turf, in B5, so, closer to the stage as compared to night one, but I couldn’t see much as I am the shortest Pearl Jam fan in the world. I could see the screens and if I tiptiptiptippie-toed and everyone aligned their heads just so, I could see the band. But I got to lean up against the Green Monster, and I got to look across the diamond and up at the Fenway Park sign from second base, so sweet mother, I was so grateful for the tickets.

I was surprised they started out slow again, but it was fantastic. Those early songs really sounded great, Ed’s voice just sailing. I tweeted at some point that Ed’s voice is a fucking MARVEL, and I feel like more than any show I remember being at, this one really highlighted how powerful it is. Maybe because the sound was just great, maybe because his voice is rested. But Eddie Vedder’s voice is a goddamn national treasure. I mean: Pendulum, Off He Goes, Nothing As It Seems, and Nothingman? Are you kidding me? Wishlist is kind of a “meh” for me, but then we got Interstellar Overdrive->Corduroy, and we started flying. 

Animal was raw, as it should be. Actually, there were several songs that were way more raw and angry than I’ve seen in a long time. Not For You was snarling, Ed was PISSED during a super heavy Deep, and did some old school crazy eyes. Go (yay!) was full of venom and angry longing. We got Immortality, an epic RVM, my required DTE. I mean that second encore? I would change nothing. Contender for best second encore ever? I say so. Smile->Go->Love Reign O’er Me(!!!!!!)->DTE->Breath(!!!)->Alive->RITFW (with fucking J Mascis)->Yellow Ledbetter. I mean COME ON. HOW DO YOU IMPROVE ON THAT?

It wasn’t all perfect. Hail, Hail, which I love, was a mess, and some of the transitions were kind of awkward (looking at you, Mind Your Manners into Betterman), but oh my god this is what makes these concerts so special. 

We had a wall of bros in front of us, and at first they kind of annoyed me, because they seemed so still – not jumping, not freaking out. But it also reminded me: HEY, I don’t get to dictate how people enjoy a show. They were fucking loving it, and if they don’t jump and dance and just want to soak it in, more power to them. It’s not up to me, so I did my thing, and they did theirs, and we all shared a big high five and several enormous grins. And high five to the guy behind me whose birthday was yesterday. Pearl Jam fans are the best.

Now, listen. I am not a show crier. I’m generally kind of a crier, but not really at shows. I think I cried once at a Tori show when she covered Landslide, but come on. So did every other person in the room. So when they started playing Angel (I can’t believe I just got to type that sentence: SO WHEN THEY STARTED PLAYING ANGEL), I was ecstatic. But when it started that climb, that beauty of a climb, I was totally overcome and started openly weeping. This song – it’s not just that they never play it. That makes it special, of course, but this is the song I can listen to on repeat, for hours on end, in any of the few forms that are out there. I love it, and I can’t explain why exactly, but it’s one of my top three pieces of music in the world. Maybe even top two (looking at you, It’s Ok tag from Virginia Beach in 2000), and while I knew they played it in Denver, and had a few listens, it didn’t knock my socks off. I mean, so cool they played it, but not life-changing. I didn’t dare hope we’d get it. And then we did, and it was perfect. I mean, it was so good. This song is obviously about Ed’s voice, and Ed’s voice is my favorite voice, and it’s so raw and open in this song, and it was just. Oooof. No words, honestly. This is what this band can do, right? It took me ages to get my shit back together through Footsteps (because that’s not really a good weeping recovery song!) and my t-shirt sleeves were all sopping and eyeliner-stained. 

Holy shit. Here’s Angel. That I got to see. At Fenway Park. Captured so ridiculously well by MFSYNC172, True American Hero.

And here’s some more. That biting (ha!) Animal:

Draw the Line with Tom Hamilton (seriously, Ed can really channel Steve Tyler):

A beauty of an Immortality:

Footsteps, the world’s worst song to make you stop crying:

Smile, which is always amazing:

My first ever Love Reign O’er Me which is the song that made me start this blog:

And Breath.

Also this is this first time I’ve ever bought a poster, and I could be happier it’s this one.

In Hiding & The Real Me, New Orleans Jazz Fest 2016

Jazz Fest got a fun setlist! Lots of unexpected inclusions for a festival, lucky dogs. Also: they played during the day! So weird. Who knows the last time that happened? And also: if you look at the word “Jazz” too long it starts to look made up and super weird.

Have they played this one yet this tour? Such a great song, and I often sort of forget about it, until I hear it again and say OH YEAH THIS SONG IS AMAZING.

Also, they played a pretty great The Real Me with a whole host of special guests. It seemed like a collaborative kind of show.

Love Reign O’er Me, Boston 2010

Hampton tonight! I’m not there, but my PJ partner in crime, C, is, so I feel like a piece of me is, too. I’m sure it’s going to be awesome; the Coliseum is small and they’re going to rock the roof off.

Also, updated awesome videos to the Jacksonville posts (thanks to MFSYNC172) are coming once I get the kiddos sorted this morn.

Pearl Jam’s cover of this song made me start this blog, so it’s always a treat to find an excellent version. Here’s a typically great one from MFSYNC172. That guy? The one in the plaid shirt? He can sing.

Heart to Hang Onto, Ed with Pete Townshend, Letterman 1999

Oh, blonde Ed. With an earring. And yet! The song still rocks. Imagine that.

My Generation, Corduroy & I Can’t Explain, Ed at the Goa Club, Rome 1996

Crazy ass footage with great audio from this secret Ed show from Rome in ’96. Looks amazing (yeah, setlisting.com!). TFT has the summary at the bottom of the page here. I really want to see/hear that Talking Heads cover! 

Here’s a bizarrely awesome, rocking take on “Corduroy” from the same show:

And a sweet little “I Can’t Explain”:

Dead Man & I Can’t Explain, Ed solo pre-set, Grand Rapids 2006

Sweet Jesus, this is a beauty.

“The hammer that I once brought down, now hovers over me.”

This next is also great, but come on: why was the crowd not singing the “I can’t explain” part?!?