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Leatherman, Leash, & All or None + those covers, NYC (last night) 2016

Oh they brought it last night. That first encore in particular was a beauty: EV covering the Beatles, then All or None, Pendulum, Present Tense, Breath (can we get a woohoo for @Letkemann and her crazy awesome 150th show during which she got to sing this song out with EV?), SOLAT and Porch. Sweet mother, I don’t know if I could come up with a better encore, and by all accounts there was all kinds of magic afoot. And our fella MFC172 was there to capture a bunch of it pretty durned well.

They played the Man trilogy! So fun. Here’s Leatherman:

And even though it makes me cringe a little for Mr Vedder’s vocal cords, here’s that Leash.

I’ll pretty much post this one any time they play it: All or None.

And…NOT TO MENTION Cheap trick coming out (early!) for a sweet cover of Surrender.

AND then Sting of all people coming out for a great Driven to Tears (a cover I’ve missed!).

Rival, Jacksonville, FL 2016

Woohoo! First shot I’ve seen so far, I’ll update if better video comes out – the sound is pretty good on this one! This song is so freaking great, why’d they wait so long to bring it back out?

Updated on 4/18/16: Oooooooo and here we have a way better video via MFC172 (his buddy taped it, and it’s great), as per usual. These guys – they were loving playing it. Hopefully it is back in more regular rotation!

Rival, Milan 2000

Ok, so no Jacksonville Rival just yet. I’m confident one’s coming, so sit tight. In the meantime, here’s a shaky one from Milan. There just aren’t that many choices out there (WHY IS THIS IN SUCH RARE ROTATION), and I’ve already posted the better ones!


All or None, Leeds 2014

Well! Baby watchitgotofire arrived mid-May, and both he and I are doing great. The whole fam is in love and we’re just rolling with the lovefest.

Anyway! This band “Pearl Jam” I keep hearing about, huh? Holy hell. I wouldn’t say my hiatus is over, but I’ve got a little downtime and am catching up on some highlights from the Euro tour. And sweet mother are there highlights.

Here’s one of my tops. A bit shaky but a decent video with great sound. This song is such a beauty.

1/2 Full, Philly 2013 + All Those Yesterdays, Brooklyn 2013

Is it just me, or are the setlists this tour even more crazy awesome than usual? I don’t know – it seems like they’re really stepping it up, even for them. I almost fell out of my chair when some lovely soul (@rtw702) live tweeted that they were playing “1/2 Full”. And in case you missed it, they opened this show (Philly 1) with Pendulum -> Long Road -> Low Light. I mean, really now. And 1/2 Full was followed by Leash, I Believe in Miracles, and Porch. Are they trying to kill those of us not there?

The Brooklyn shows sounded no less ridiculously awesome, and this was a serious highlight from the second one (only the 14th time they’ve played it – maybe because of this?). Also: Wash? Whipping + BloodLeaving Here? These videos are great: mfc172, our hero, captured the video screens perfectly. (Updated 12/11 with synced audio from MFSYNC172).

All these videos are courtesy of the epically amazing mfc172. You should go visit the treasure trove he’s getting together from this string of East coast shows. He’ll flip the video and sync with the boots when the official ones come out (because he is the greatest).

Cropduster, Hamilton, Ontario 2011

“Not only can Matt Cameron play the shit out of a drum kit, he can also write the shit out of a song…”

Weird-ass interpretative hand signals by Ed, but pretty great.