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The Needle and the Damage Done & Wash, Quebec City (last night!) 2016

Quebec City got a pretty fantastic setlist last night. I went to tweet the highlights and literally ran out of characters, so let’s see: started with Of the Girl (always awesome as a slow burner start), Last Exit (thereby lending credence to my #lastexittheory), You Are, Whipping, NAIS, I’m Open (!!), MFC, EV playing the Needle and the Damage Done solo, Thumbing My Way, Wash, Sad, Surrender…. Whoa. That’s a lot of awesome AND they hit a lot of the awesome regulars as well. Really, a pretty thoroughly awesome setlist.

Here’s a pretty solid capture of this EV solo beauty.

And it’s a little wibbly wobbly, but here’s that Wash:


Leatherman, Leash, & All or None + those covers, NYC (last night) 2016

Oh they brought it last night. That first encore in particular was a beauty: EV covering the Beatles, then All or None, Pendulum, Present Tense, Breath (can we get a woohoo for @Letkemann and her crazy awesome 150th show during which she got to sing this song out with EV?), SOLAT and Porch. Sweet mother, I don’t know if I could come up with a better encore, and by all accounts there was all kinds of magic afoot. And our fella MFC172 was there to capture a bunch of it pretty durned well.

They played the Man trilogy! So fun. Here’s Leatherman:

And even though it makes me cringe a little for Mr Vedder’s vocal cords, here’s that Leash.

I’ll pretty much post this one any time they play it: All or None.

And…NOT TO MENTION Cheap trick coming out (early!) for a sweet cover of Surrender.

AND then Sting of all people coming out for a great Driven to Tears (a cover I’ve missed!).

Rats & Footsteps, NYC (last night!) 2016

Pretty solid setlist last night, and I get a strong sense that there was some general MSG magic going on though I admit I wasn’t paying as much attention as usual! I will tonight – Avocado’s 10 years old somehow – so I’m guessing they’ve got something special up their sleeve. Avocado has never been a top tier album for me (I know), as it came out when I was moving across continents and had a few other things going on. I never really connected with it. But I’ve had a recent Riot Act renaissance and I’m guessing and Avocado one isn’t far behind.

The setlist last night wasn’t overwhelmingly awesome (I promise I’m not turning into that guy) but they played a ton of great stuff and that special energy seemed to be there. I love that Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns is in such high rotation these days. And any show that gets In Hiding is a treasure. Also, they played the Doobie Brothers, which is super weird, but it coincided perfectly with the arrival on my phone of an alert from the Seattle Police Dept about the May Day protests downtown, and I swear, they played that song in response. The guys sound GREAT.

I get to be super lazy when our man MFC172 is on the case, these are all his typically fantastic videos.

I giggled a bit to see they played Rats:

And a glorious, moving Footsteps:



Education & Leaving Here, Lexington KY 2016

I went to a Pearl Jam show in Lexington way back in 2003 and it was GREAT and I really liked Lexington, which I was not expecting. From the setlist, the one on Tuesday night looked like a good one, really high energy, and from all reports the crowd was INTO it, which obviously makes even an ordinary show extra special. Also, they got the best poster BY A LOT for this tour so far. I am not a merch person, but that is a sweet poster.

Lucky ducks got Education, which according to my sources (that is, PJ StatTracker) these goofballs haven’t played since 2011 AND have only played seven times!! What are they thinking? What would Howard Zinn say? This here is a pretty solid video of a pretty great song.

ALSO those lucky bastards got Leaving Here AND Sonic Reducer which is a whole lot of awesome rocking cover action. It seems to me it’s usually either/or (if you’re lucky), so I just…yeah. Here’s a pretty good catch of Leaving Here, though it gets a little fuzz.

In My Tree, Sad, & Habit, Hampton VA (last night!) 2016

Oh but Hampton got a beauty of an In My Tree last night – my favorite song ever in the history of the world! Listen to how EV lets go early, in that first verse, right around 0:50. Beauty. And all those hands waving? Gives me the regular warm fuzzies.

My buddy C was there last night, and Sad was the song she was most excited about. A clean, lovely version, and I’m awfully pleased she got it!

And (as C called it) a “very growly” Habit!

I’ll update the above as better video rolls in (except maybe not the In My Tree because those hands waving…).

And finally, did you hear that Pearl Jam cancelled their Raleigh show? (/sarcasm) Here’s Ed’s speech and I Am a Patriot:

Yeah, they did it. I said a few days back that I thought they should, and I’m proud of them for doing it. I think it’s the right choice, and I hope it helps the idiots who put this law into place to realise that there are real economic and social consequences to legislating discrimination and hate. I know fans are bummed, but I hope most of them have a reaction like my friend C, who flew from Seattle for the Hampton and Raleigh shows (she told me I could post this, from her texts last night):

I am proud of them. I can be sad for me, but it’s so much bigger. I understand people who are out limited vacation time and money. It sucks. But this is people’s lives and entire existences…Some part of me is relieved I’m not putting money into NC…They are good people. It matters to me that they are good people who believe what I believe. It’s part of loving them.

That’s basically how I feel about the whole thing. This is way bigger than a rock show, and I feel like I have a pretty strong appreciation for how amazing and life-altering a Pearl Jam rock show can be.

And just for some perspective, who has the numbers on how many concerts Pearl Jam has ever cancelled? I feel like other bands are canceling shows all the time, because someone’s sick or injured or has some drama going on. And I can’t remember a single time that Pearl Jam has ever done it (other than in 96, obviously) – the thought that they are “screwing over the fans” or didn’t think about the fans is just so ludicrous I can’t even take it moderately seriously. Obviously they put a lot of thought into this decision, it’s not something they did lightly, and it was a hard decision. I think it was the right one.

By waiting until they did, they not only maximized the media attention (rather than canceling right after Bruce), getting people talking about it again, and further, I think they genuinely hoped something would change that would allow them to play the show in good conscience. But nothing did, and they had to make a tough call. I’m proud to be a Pearl Jam fan, and I’m sorry for the fans (and the band, too) who are missing out on the Raleigh show.

Sonic Reducer, Red Mosquito & In the Moonlight, Tampa 2016 (last night!)

Oh count yourself among those hailed lucky ones, friends, because our champion MFC172 is on the road with Pearl Jam and uploading some typically super-high quality awesome video shots so the rest of us can feel like we’re there, too. You don’t even understand how great his videos always are. I reckon Pearl Jam should hire him.

Also, holy shit but the guys are opening with some serious force this tour so far, no?

Here! Three highlights from last night: a kickass, rocking Sonic Reducer, which is always a highlight, as far as I’m concerned.

A glorious Red Mosquito, which when they played that sandwiched between Lowlight and Hard to Imagine I could do nothing but shake my head at the awesomeness raining down in Tampa.

And finally, In the Moonlight! How fun is that? And the bonus of Ed’s funny little intro story of his life as a security guard with fancy cars (“the one with the horse on it”) that turns into an ode to the awesomness of Matt Fucking Cameron.

Oh, and he’s got more (that’s his full playlist from last night – Come Back! Baba! Little Wing! Lukin! Animal!), so go follow MFC172 on YouTube (also MFSYNC172).