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A PJ/Ed + Finn family collection

I’m all aflutter with the news that Ed and Neil Finn are combining forces for a contribution to a new Hunters and Collectors tribute album (thanks, @demetriosns for the link!). I love Neil Finn. I love his brother and I love his son, too. I pretty much love anything to do with the Finn family. This is evidenced in this blog, where I put up videos of their collaborations and/or covers pretty much every chance I get. So I thought, why not build a little compilation (á la the REM + PJ/EV collection) for your (and my) enjoyment? Got more? Send ’em!

Better Be Home Soon, with Neil and Liam, Christchurch 2009

History Never Repeats, Ed with Split Enz, Auckland 1995 (This is almost too great to be endured. You’ve been warned.)

Habit, with Liam, PJ20 2011

Plus, Who You Are, with Liam helping out, also PJ20 2011 (it’s there, scroll down)

Betterman, Ed with Neil and friends, Auckland 2001

I See Red, Ed with Betchadupa (and Tim, too!), Auckland 2001, plus Ed (on the drums!) with Liam at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle, rocking out on Habit + I See Red

I Got You, Melbourne 1995 and again, epically great, from Verona in 2000

Better Be Home Soon, with Neil and Liam Finn, Christchurch 2009

I get chills when this starts: that crowd loves their Crowded House (as well they should). It’s amazing. Sometimes, I just love rock music so much it makes me want to cry.

I See Red, Ed with Betchadupa, 7 Worlds Collide, Auckland 2001

I’m on a real Ed kick, given that his Euro tour is now underway (though, truth be told, that’s a pretty permanent state for me). I cannot believe he played “Good Woman” last night. I get chills just thinking about how beautiful it must have been; I hope I’ll get to hear it (live, ideally).

Here’s a great cover of a classic Split Enz song from the 7 Worlds Collide concert that Neil Finn put together in New Zealand in 2001. Ed is rocking out with Betchadupa (Liam Finn’s band!) and Tim Finn makes a nice appearance, too. If you don’t own this cd or DVD, get on it. It’s a great show.

And for a more recent collaboration on the same song from Liam and Ed, here’s a video from the Tractor Tavern (in Seattle) from 2011: “Habit” into “I See Red”.

Habit, with Liam Finn, PJ20 2011

Between digesting all the awesome from Amsterdam last night (seriously, holy setlist. That is just ridiculous. And the fact that 10C-charter member Brian got to curate it? It’s so cool I can’t even stand it. On so many levels: it’s so cool for HIM – he got to basically get a personalised PJ concert, and there might be no better anything for a long time PJ fan; but it’s also just so cool for the rest of us, because it affirms the utter awesomeness that is Pearl Jam. They couldn’t be more awesome. It’s not actually possible) … and now digesting the news that the Affordable Care Act has been upheld, I’m at loose ends. There’s still a lot of work to be done to ensure fair, high quality and affordable access for all, but this is a huge step that is immensely, immensely encouraging.

It seems like party time. Here’s “Habit” with synced audio from the awesome MFSCYNC172.