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Rival, Milan 2000

Ok, so no Jacksonville Rival just yet. I’m confident one’s coming, so sit tight. In the meantime, here’s a shaky one from Milan. There just aren’t that many choices out there (WHY IS THIS IN SUCH RARE ROTATION), and I’ve already posted the better ones!


All or None, Leeds 2014

Well! Baby watchitgotofire arrived mid-May, and both he and I are doing great. The whole fam is in love and we’re just rolling with the lovefest.

Anyway! This band “Pearl Jam” I keep hearing about, huh? Holy hell. I wouldn’t say my hiatus is over, but I’ve got a little downtime and am catching up on some highlights from the Euro tour. And sweet mother are there highlights.

Here’s one of my tops. A bit shaky but a decent video with great sound. This song is such a beauty.

Go, Rock AM Ring, Nuremberg 2000 (pro-shot)

First things first: if you haven’t watched the new hatchet vignette, do yourself a favor and go do it. Yes, of course it’s fun to watch EV throw a hatchet around like a jolly lumberjack, but more to the point, holy mother, that song is KICKASS. I’m really into MYM, and I am coming around to “Sirens”, but this one (it’s “Let the Records Play”) has me going batshit crazy with excitement about Lightning Bolt. TWO WEEKS and we, the luckiest damn people in the world, get a whole new record of new Pearl Jam songs. AHHHH! This one is so fun sounding – rollicking and bluesy and just fun – I can’t stand it. I’ve avoided the leaks thus far – I want to hear the record how they wanted us to hear it – but I am bursting right about now!

GO! This song is so rocking it makes me jump around every single time I hear it. This is a fantastic, pro-shot video. Thanks to the YouTube commenters who identified the show. Apparently they played two festivals in Nuremberg in June 2000. This one (Rock AM Ring on June 9), and also Rock Im Park (June 11) – I’ve posted a few amazing videos from that one as well.

Red Mosquito, Berlin 1996

“I was bitten/must have been the devil/he was just plain mean.”

I know I’m not the only one who was totally sure those were the lyrics forever, and who is unable to change to the real ones. Also, I really hope that just BLEW SOMEONE’S MIND, because apparently, no: that’s not what he’s saying.

This is a pretty great video, especially for how old it is, and the audio is fantastic:

Inside Job, Verona 2006

This is not a song that I’ve ever really connected with, but it came on my headphones this morning, and I listened to it for the first time in a long time all the way through. Huh. It’s actually pretty great.

How I choose to feel is how I am. 

Present Tense, London 1996

I’ve been on a bit of a mid-90s PJ kick as of late. Not a bad kick to be on.