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So much good stuff, Fenway night one, 2016

I tell you what. No matter how many times I see these guys – and it’s not a lot by some standards, but by normal people standards it’s a ton, last night was my 20th show – every single time I walk away renewed and inspired. I want to be that guy who is literally shouting from the rooftops, “I love this band! I love the way they bring us together!” It really is my church, and last night I shouted/screamed/hollered in the choir. Sorry ladies in front of me. We were in 10 Club seats down near the pesky pole and it was fantastic, though we had the world’s busiest row as people were coming and going pretty much every song, and I was right next to the aisle where a constant stream of people were climbing up to get beer or to eliminate the beer they had just gotten. But it didn’t matter. People around us were way into it, we had the obligatory stoner 10 Club Bostonian near us, and it was really really a fun crowd to be in.

Fenway night one was fucking great. The set was littered with good stuff: kicking it off with the Release/Long Road combo was a beauty. It was low key for a while (All Those Yesterdays!) and then kicked into gear with Given to Fly, which, I don’t care how many times I’ve seen it, it’s so fantastic live, all those arms and bodies flying up, it’s a beautiful thing. They played my three requirements for an awesome show: GTF, a rousing, kickass DTE, and Corduroy. I feel like those three songs, along with Release, make for a pretty complete Pearl Jam experience. But obviously it didn’t end there. Faithfull. Grievance. Down. That fun, rocking, fast Patriot. Strangest Tribe (what the hell? So cool. I’m no fanatic about that song but it was very cool to hear it). A beauty of a Wasted Reprise. Comfortably Numb (more on that in a second). Draw the Line? Ed channeling Steven Tyler very convincingly there. Then I’ve Got a Feeling and Baba to close it out. Ho-ly shit. 

And I need to say something about Masters of War, sandwiched in there between DTE and Patriot, because it was a stirring, intense version that literally made me shiver. I don’t think Ed has ever sounded better on that song, maybe even including the first one at the Bob Dylan tribute. Actually, Ed sounded pretty great all night. They all did, but I feel like Ed’s voice – to be clear, my favorite voice- sounded rich and sharp and clear in a way that was different. Maybe it was the ball cap.

The non-musical highlight of the night for me was when Ed called for his uke, and then none other but Yoooooooooouk brought it out for him. It was just so sweet and *punny* and perfect. I loved it, and I was laughing at the “uuuuukkkkkkeeees” before he came out because it was such a familiar call in Fenway. Reminder: I live in Seattle but was born and raised and collegiated in New England (and look how well that turned out, I can even make up new words like collegiated).

I have two very helpful pieces of constructive criticism for the band: (1) in Comfortably Numb, let Stone sing (!) – or talk – the talking part. That would contrast so ridiculously well with Ed soaring in the chorus, like it did when he sang it with a Roger. That would be some other-level shit. (2) Sweet mother do away with the embarrassing video effects when Mike is soloing. The video effects are so 80s hair band I can’t. I can only assume they are being ironic.

No doubt the band will listen closely to my brilliant contributions. Last night was so kickass, so ridiculously fun and inspired and full of life. I cannot wait to see what happens on Sunday.

And lucky us, King Video MFSYNC172 has some gems for us to enjoy!

That beauty of a Masters of War:

Rocking Fast Patriot:

The uber rarity Strangest Tribe:

Draw the Line:

and super fun I’ve Got a Feeling

[edited to add] Oh look he put up some more!

Release to kick it off (weird to see that in the daylight):

Long Road to ease us in:

All Those Yesterdays because it is always awesome:

And full band Society, on which Ed sounded amazing:

Sonic Reducer, Red Mosquito & In the Moonlight, Tampa 2016 (last night!)

Oh count yourself among those hailed lucky ones, friends, because our champion MFC172 is on the road with Pearl Jam and uploading some typically super-high quality awesome video shots so the rest of us can feel like we’re there, too. You don’t even understand how great his videos always are. I reckon Pearl Jam should hire him.

Also, holy shit but the guys are opening with some serious force this tour so far, no?

Here! Three highlights from last night: a kickass, rocking Sonic Reducer, which is always a highlight, as far as I’m concerned.

A glorious Red Mosquito, which when they played that sandwiched between Lowlight and Hard to Imagine I could do nothing but shake my head at the awesomeness raining down in Tampa.

And finally, In the Moonlight! How fun is that? And the bonus of Ed’s funny little intro story of his life as a security guard with fancy cars (“the one with the horse on it”) that turns into an ode to the awesomness of Matt Fucking Cameron.

Oh, and he’s got more (that’s his full playlist from last night – Come Back! Baba! Little Wing! Lukin! Animal!), so go follow MFC172 on YouTube (also MFSYNC172).

I Am a Patriot & Who You Are, Fort Lauderdale 2016 (last night!)

Oh you lucky bastards at the tour opener. Lots of goodness, and it sure sounded like the band was playing great and full and wonderful. Awesome. And when Go kicks off a tour, you know it’s going to be good.

From my perspective (and no, I wasn’t there, have I mentioned that? A few times? So my perspective is basically watching the setlist roll in on Twitter and a little bit of jaggley Periscope which did NOT include these two picks), highlights were Who You Are and EV coming out to play I Am a Patriot solo, but I am 100% sure there were a zillion others.

One other thing. For someone who is so obsessed with watching live Pearl Jam from any source I can muster, I am 100% useless at contributing to the supply. There is just no way I can get my shit together enough in the middle of a show to film anything, I’m way too caught up in being there in the moment. So you? Never, ever, ever feel obligated to film and share. Only ever do it because you want to, not because you feel like you have to. We’ll survive.

When I find Who You Are, I’ll update this post with it. For now, from Joe on the Twitter machine, here’s a I Am a Patriot.

Updated to add: here’s that Who You Are, a bit buzzy but pretty awesome. Also nice lyric flub at the start! Will update again with a smoother sound when it pops up, can’t wait to hear that last verse on the boot.

Open All Night, Lincoln 2014

I’m not totally clear on how I missed this happening. I must have known and freaked out at the time. I love this song, and I’ve loved Ed’s versions solo. Doesn’t get much better than Ed breaking out with “the boss don’t dig me, so he put me on the night shift…” The full band is pretty good, but I actually think I prefer Ed’s solo.

This one is not totally complete, but great audio and the (Ed-focused) video is pretty good too!

Dancing Barefoot, Bridge School 2010

I saw Patti Smith last night at the Moore in Seattle, and as usual, she was glorious. That woman, she’s so much more kickass than I will ever hope to be, but she inspires.

She covered “Smells Like Teen Spirit” which was pretty powerful. And also “Beautiful Boy”, which made me weep. Literally.

She’s also pretty much the only person who doesn’t gross me out by spitting, which she does a lot when she sings.

Anyway, I’m on a Patti Smith kick, so thought I’d dig this out (though Patti’s is definitely better).

Soldier of Love, Boston 2010 (plus Ray of Light (?!?), Chicago 1998)

Happy Valentine’s day, lovelies. Hope you’re spending it with some chocolate, which really is the point. I am making amazing chocolate cookies to devour with the fam.

I’m a little jealous of when the back got this instead of “Last Kiss”. Cha cha cha!

Also, um, weirdly, because I’d never heard it before, here’s a tag from “Daughter” in Chicago in 1998: Madonna’s (pretty awesome, I contend) “Ray of Light”.