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Leatherman, Leash, & All or None + those covers, NYC (last night) 2016

Oh they brought it last night. That first encore in particular was a beauty: EV covering the Beatles, then All or None, Pendulum, Present Tense, Breath (can we get a woohoo for @Letkemann and her crazy awesome 150th show during which she got to sing this song out with EV?), SOLAT and Porch. Sweet mother, I don’t know if I could come up with a better encore, and by all accounts there was all kinds of magic afoot. And our fella MFC172 was there to capture a bunch of it pretty durned well.

They played the Man trilogy! So fun. Here’s Leatherman:

And even though it makes me cringe a little for Mr Vedder’s vocal cords, here’s that Leash.

I’ll pretty much post this one any time they play it: All or None.

And…NOT TO MENTION Cheap trick coming out (early!) for a sweet cover of Surrender.

AND then Sting of all people coming out for a great Driven to Tears (a cover I’ve missed!).

Surrender, Mike with Cheap Trick, Tacoma 2010

I’m not sure Mike’s ever had more fun onstage: he’s bopping, he’s singing all the words, he’s totally having a grand old time playing with his heroes. It’s awesome. Plus, the song will now be stuck in your head for the rest of the day: lucky you!

Ed sang this with Cheap Trick in Detroit in 1998, too, when Cheap Trick was opening for PJ. No video, but good fun, and it’s well worth reading the twofeetthick description of this show (as well as the summary for the show the day before, for the awesome description of PJ’s fanboy antics!).