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Breakerfall, Grievance, & Rival, Toronto (the Binaural show) 2016

GUYS the most exciting thing that has happened to me in the last week is that my family has sorted out some major life plans and it all means….drum roll please…that I get to go to Fenway in August for both shows and I am so happy about it. Pearl Jam retweeted my excitement, so that was sort of exciting too!

In the midst of said life plan organizing, it somehow slipped by me that the spring tour is almost over! Ahh! One more show? How did that happen? What are we going to DO with ourselves?

Toronto got a great show last night, that first encore was extraordinary what with Imagine -> Let Me Sleep -> Comfortably Numb leading it off. Pretty awesome. But the best part was Binaural back to front, and MFC172 was there so you know the video’s awesome. Here’s three from that:

A breakneck Breakerfall intro-ed by Ed with a blabbering about how many shows they’ve played in Toronto (and how many they have yet to play):

Grievance! I feel like they never play this sucker, and it’s so great.

And Rival, which is so awesome, and I will always post.

Grievance, Jones Beach 2000

What bullshit is THIS? I’ve never posted a video of this marvel of a song?!? What an outrage. Consider it corrected. Nice shots of the whole band, even if the quality isn’t amazing. I’ve been listening to the Bellingham 5/10/2000 boot a lot lately, and I wish there were video of this song from that show, because it’s so great. I like how Ed changes the cadence in the “…you don’t take blood and give it back again“, to go up at the end. He doesn’t do it in this version, but it’s still pretty great.

Oh, and some words of wisdom from one of the few remaining articulate members of Congress:  “In a democracy, hostage tactics are the last resort for those who can’t win their fights though elections, can’t win their fights in Congress, can’t win their fights for the presidency, and can’t win their fights in the courts.” Thank you, Senator Warren.

Parting Ways (with a string section), Seattle 2000

I’m apparently on a 2000 bender. A Seattle 2000 bender, no less.

Takes them a little while to find the groove, but this is a stunner.

Rival, Pinkpop 2000

Did you know they’ve only played this one 20 times (cheers, PJ StatTracker)?!? Crazy! It’s so great! I’ve posted another version of this, and I’ve posted the whole of this Pinkpop 2000 set, but I love this song. So here you go.

Of the Girl, Jones Beach 2000

Opener for the epic Jones Beach show with the best “It’s Ok” tag ever. I wasn’t there, but my loyal PJ compatriot C was. This song is so ridiculously great, and I feel like it’s sorely underrated. Go Mike go!

Nothing As It Seems, Nuremberg 2000

I posted Breakerfall from this same show: fantastic, pro-shot video with some ass-kicking by Mike. It’s pretty Ed-focused, but frankly, that works for me in this case. Oof.

There was a thread on the 10C forum the other day about the exceptional degree of awesome from the 2000 Europe tour (before the total devastating awfulness of Roskilde, obviously). Reading through it made me all nostalgic; I was at the Dublin show, and spent the rest of the year listening to the stream of ridiculous boots. I posted some good stuff from the Zurich show yesterday, too. I’ve got Europe 2000 on the mind.