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Dancing Barefoot, Bridge School 2010

I saw Patti Smith last night at the Moore in Seattle, and as usual, she was glorious. That woman, she’s so much more kickass than I will ever hope to be, but she inspires.

She covered “Smells Like Teen Spirit” which was pretty powerful. And also “Beautiful Boy”, which made me weep. Literally.

She’s also pretty much the only person who doesn’t gross me out by spitting, which she does a lot when she sings.

Anyway, I’m on a Patti Smith kick, so thought I’d dig this out (though Patti’s is definitely better).

Around the Bend, Bridge School 2006

Why oh why have they only played this one 9 times (cheers, PJ Stat Tracker)? It’s too beautiful for that kind of treatment! Maybe it puts everyone to sleep when they do it play it.

Full sets, both nights, Bridge School 1994

Looks from the TFT concert chronology that these two Bridge School shows were the first they played with the mighty Jack Irons after firing Dave A. So much good stuff here it boggles the mind. The videos aren’t super high quality, but the sound is pretty much perfect (the second night has better sound + video).

Night 1:
Walking the Cow, Elderly Woman, Corduroy, Daughter/(American Pie), Black, Footsteps, Yellow Ledbetter, (encore) Let Me Sleep, PLUS Piece of Crap with Young Neil at the very end

Night 2: Wash, Not for You, Immortality, Elderly Woman, Daughter/(Tonight’s the Night), Black, (encore) Bee Girl (!)

I’m particularly fond of this “Elderly Woman”: such a nice grin from Ed on the “hello….my God it’s been so long…” It HAD been a long time: their previous show was in April (these were in October).

Rockin’ in the Free World, MTV Unplugged 1992

Our internet was down on the weekend, which meant I “had” to dive into the DVDs (because good lord, I couldn’t read or talk to someone or anything like that!). I settled on re-watching Unplugged from the Ten reissue, which is so ridiculously awesome it kind of hurts. But why on earth didn’t they include this song? It must be a licensing thing; I know they didn’t air “Oceans” but that made it on the DVD (thank goodness).

I’ve been going through a RITFW renaissance the last year or so. I think this is the third time I’ve posted it on this blog. I never used to think much of the song, but then, all of a sudden, something clicked, and I can’t get enough of it. Enjoy!

I Believe in Miracles (acoustic), Benaroya Hall 2003

Totally lovely cover of a classic Ramones song. RIP Joey.

25 Minutes to Go, Bridge School 2003

Pearl Jam covering Johnny Cash? Sweet mother! It doesn’t get better than that! Especially great to see Boom rocking out on a regular old piano. Go-o-o-o-o!

They also played this at their acoustic Benaroya Hall benefit, but I think Ed messes the lyrics up less in the previous.