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Unthought Known, fan-made video

I don’t think I’ve posted any fan-made videos on here (unless you count Why Go by P.O.S., which I don’t think you should count since it’s really a kickass cover). But @tekedaras sent me this link the other day, and I just watched it this morning, and it’s absolutely lovely. I’m not huge on this song, but the “gems and rhinestones” line has always hit me like a ton of bricks.

Enjoy! And thanks ChasingDogma for the video!

Don’t Be Shy, Ed from Slacker Uprising, Seattle 2004

I needed a little beauty in my morning.

Heart to Hang Onto, Ed with Pete Townshend, Letterman 1999

Oh, blonde Ed. With an earring. And yet! The song still rocks. Imagine that.

My City of Ruins, Ed solo @ Kennedy Center Honors 2009

It’s been a very difficult few days. I hope everyone is dealing as best they can with the horrific events in Newtown. There’s nothing to really be said about it, and while I know posting a link to the Onion might seem odd, it really sums up how I’m feeling. I am sure in a few days I’ll be able to start thinking about what we do next, how we prevent something like this happening again, but right now I just feel pretty hopeless and helpless.

So, I’m trying to rise up. I’ve posted another version of this in the past (Ed with Arcade Fire’s Regine and Owen) but this one is just as good. Hard to go wrong when Ed covers Springsteen, I say, especially when you get shots of a clearly emotional Bruce singing along.

And if you want to see Bruce do it (and probably spend a few minutes in tears):

Rock Star Fantasy Camp, with Mike McCready, Kim Thayil and Dave Grohl

I have no idea what this is, but it’s totally hilarious. I especially like the Rock Star Poses part. Edited to add: Ah. It’s from a Seattle local sketch comedy show, Almost Live!

Super fast Wash, NYC 1992

I’ve posted this whole NYE concert in the past, but thought I’d highlight this crazy-ass fast version of “Wash”. Have they played it like this again, anyone know?

Also, apparently Eddie was really, really mad at Marky Mark. It is funny to think about being mad at someone named “Marky Mark”.