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Rats, Toronto 2011

Wow, those are some sweet moves to kick this video off. As usual, super great video + soundboard audio from the incomparable MFSYNC172.


Tremor Christ, Hartford CT 1998

Happy #PJMT, people! Other, better folks will be live tweeting the set I’m sure. I’ll be rocking out!

Such a good, underrated, oft-forgot song. The video gets better after the first few seconds, and though it’s just shots of the Jumbotron, it’s pretty sweet. Stone! Love!

Fuckin’ Up (Stone’s solo), Chicago 2009

Happy birthday, Stone! You can shred when you want, we all know it. And we all love you!

And if you want all of “Fuckin’ Up”, here’s an oldie with Young Neil himself, at the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame induction in 1995.

Mankind, Dallas 1998

Oh, Stone, how we love on you. He’s got some things to say. The best: “For the most part, I really love being in a collaborative thing. And in a collaborative thing if you have a singer as good as Sean Smith or Eddie Vedder, you kind of think, well, why don’t you just go ahead and let them sing? People seem to really like it.”

But sometimes, we just have to hear Stone.

Oh, and just as a little extra bonus. This is from Night 1 of the epic Spectrum shows in 2009. Some very funny, terrifying banter into “Mankind” starts after “State of Love and Trust” at 2:15. The video is super great.