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Felicity’s Surprise, Wellwater Conspiracy with Ed, Seattle 2000

So great! Good lord, Matt must have been tired at the end of this show.

Happy birthday, Mr. Matt Cameron!

Happy birthday, Matt! 50!

Here’s MC at the Brotherhood of the Drum in Seattle in 2007 (part of the Ballard Jazz Festival). And here we have the best quote ever, from one of the commenters (MarkHarrellJr):

Apparently Matt is the fruit of an underground scientific experiment. DNA was taken from John Bonham, Keith Moon and Stewart Copeland to create a powerful yet precise and creative hybrid drummer. They had no idea he would become the beast he became which is why everyone connected with the experiment has been killed so as to ensure silence. Now you know.

And because it’s magic, here’s the camera on Matt for “In My Tree” from Touring Band 2000: