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Bridge school interviews, 2010 & 2011

Yesterday was a dark, heavy day. I haven’t lived in Boston for years, but it’s my home city, and I’m heartbroken for it. I’m trying to remember that for all the fucked up evil out there, there’s hundreds of times  more good. The first responders, the volunteers, the runners, the broader community: everyone stepped up. Don’t let that small proportion of evil make you think humanity sucks.

Last night, I was too sad to sleep, so I tried to find something to lift my spirits, and remembered these interviews that Ed has done with the Bridge School kids, and they made me smile. Those kids are SO amazing.

From 2010 with Jake:

And another from 2010 with Maricor:

From 2011 with Elisabeth (who is so adorable):

And then maybe the best one, from 2011 with Drew:

Two interviews, 1992 & 1993

Here are two interviews from the early 90s for your perusal. Ed does most of the talking in both. The first one is from some random show called “Raw Power” from the UK. Ed’s thanks to Pete Townshend at 1:33 is awesome.

The second one, with the whole band (minus Mike, plus Trevor) is from the post-VMA show in 1993, after they won the best video award for “Jeremy”. It’s pretty amazing, and sort of sad, to see how much Eddie’s demeanor changed from just the year before, even though he’s mostly talking about the same stuff (how music saved him). The usually unflappable Kurt Loder also seemed hilariously nervous talking to them, and you get the strong sense that everyone is a little squirmy, hoping Ed doesn’t say anything that’s just too much. Don’t worry, he doesn’t. “Well put.”


Uncut interview, NYC 1991

If you’ve got half an hour to kill, this is a delightfully hilarious way to pass the time. Stone is a total smart ass, and Eddie goes between seeming totally stoned and out of it, and being charmingly sincere. This was SO early, and it’s really interesting to see how they interact. They were already sick of hearing about the “Seattle sound”.

It’s in three parts. I’ve noted the very best of each.

Part one: The Ramones’ version of “Dreamweaver” (at 1:55).

Part two: The discussion of assembling the CDs (at 4:45).

Part three: Most of this is pretty hilarious, but it might be a tie between the discussion of the pan flute (at 0:30) and recounting their trashing of hotel rooms (at 4:25). There’s also a thoughtful discussion of Magic Johnson’s HIV-positive status at the very end.