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In My Tree, Fargo 2003

No video, but this really different, ridiculously awesome version of my favorite Pearl Jam song is a stunner (many thanks to @mariano_grungy for the link on the Twitter machine). When it’s starting, you think, ‘oh no, this is not going well,’ but then it really, really works.

Happy birthday, EV! To celebrate, an Even Flow tour.

I realised the other day that I don’t have a single version of “Even Flow” on this blog. Whoa. I’m totally one of those fans. So I thought, why not make it an epic “Even Flow” post for EV’s birthday? He’s been given it his all for 22 years because his fans love it, and he loves his fans. And we love him back.

Here: the evolution of “Even Flow” over the last 22 years, with one stellar (or not) performance culled from each year. You could probably set up a sweet bingo card for this one. Mike plays the solo behind his head (score!). Ed lights a cigarette during the break (score!). Etc.

1990, Mookie Blaylock at the Off Ramp in Seattle (this is so slow

1991, at the Mural Amphitheatre in Seattle

1992, at Limelight in NYC

1993, at “Mudfest” in Gimli, Manitoba (proshot)

1994, at the Orpheum in Boston

1995, at Red Rocks

1996, in Milan (this one fucking rocks, especially Stone’s sweet slacks. Yep. Slacks.)

1997, in Oakland, opening for the Stones (pro-shot. Also, awesome. “Dissident” starts it, but then it’s good old “Even Flow” for the win at 3:30ish.)

1998, at the TFC in DC (I was there, thank you very much, for my inaugural PJ live experience)

1999, FAIL! Son of a! I don’t think they actually played this song once live this entire year, according to TFT’s CC.

2000, at Pinkpop. Because it’s ridiculously awesome even though you’ve seen it six times already.

2001, FAIL again. They DID play this that year, but there seems to be no evidence of such activity on the Interwebs.

2002, in Seattle

2003, in Sydney

2004, in Grand Rapids, MI

2005, in Santiago (pro-shot)

2006, in Honolulu

2007, at the Rock Werchter Festival (pro-shot, and rocking)

2008, in Columbia, SC, where EV mostly just sings a jumbled mess of words

2009, for a little levity, EV falls on his ass in the midst of the Toronto show. We laugh because we love.

2010, in London, with Danny Clinch on the camera making magic.

2011, in Hamilton, Ontario, with EV giving a shout out to the Wishlist Foundation. Hooray! Not the whole of “Even Flow” – but a reminder of why we love EV (and why he loves us).

2012, in Berlin

Phew. Happy birthday, Ed!

Super fast Wash, NYC 1992

I’ve posted this whole NYE concert in the past, but thought I’d highlight this crazy-ass fast version of “Wash”. Have they played it like this again, anyone know?

Also, apparently Eddie was really, really mad at Marky Mark. It is funny to think about being mad at someone named “Marky Mark”.

Black 2.0 & Betterman 2.0, Bridge School 2010

The gents played a new version of “Black” at Bridge School in 2010. I really liked the change of pace and the cheeriness for such an angsty song.

They also nicely updated “Betterman” – and this is a high quality pro-shot video. Oh, Bridge School. How we love on you.

Jeremy, Red Rocks 1995

I bet you thought I was going to post “Jeremy (Lin)” from Jimmy Fallon last night, didn’t you? Well, well, well. You should watch it, especially the very end, for the Knicks on his heart à la SNL in 1994. Good stuff. I mean, a little tasteless, but good stuff.

But this is better:

3 Lukins

“Lukin” has undergone a nice evolution over the years.

First, we’ve got the original, furious, rocking one, this one from Toronto in 1996:

Then at some point they started trying out an acoustic version. Here it is from Benaroya Hall in 2003:

And finally, “S’Lukin”, from MSG in 2010.