I created watch it go to fire to help myself keep track of all the great PJ videos I’ve been coming across in my never-ending quest to get a PhD. This may be why my PhD seems so never-ending, but at least it has a great soundtrack.

In the run up to the release to PJ20, I loved the 20 days of Pearl Jam countdown. It got me sitting down at my computer every day, knowing that I’d have a few minutes of fun before diving into work. I hope this site will become something similar to others.

I’ve been a PJ fan since the very beginning, when I was twelve, and discovering YouTube’s wealth of awesome has been incredible. I’ve been lucky enough to see them live about a dozen times, and look forward to many more shows. In the meantime, this will keep me going.

Edited to add, on December 17, 2012: Well. It worked. I finished my PhD. Holy moly. As a result, I’m moving away from the one-video-a-day approach, to occasional postings. I hope you still visit and enjoy!

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  1. I have just found your blog. Amazing man! Thanks!

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