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Open All Night, Lincoln 2014

I’m not totally clear on how I missed this happening. I must have known and freaked out at the time. I love this song, and I’ve loved Ed’s versions solo. Doesn’t get much better than Ed breaking out with “the boss don’t dig me, so he put me on the night shift…” The full band is pretty good, but I actually think I prefer Ed’s solo.

This one is not totally complete, but great audio and the (Ed-focused) video is pretty good too!


All right, people, I’m clearing out an old closet and have posters to give away. All are rather worn and well-loved but they still do the trick. A couple Pearl Jam ones, some U2, and a Who. I’ll leave them up for a day or so and then do a drawing. Let me know if you’re interested either on Twitter (@watchitgotofire) or in the comments here. No payment, other than sending me a photo when they’re in their new home.

UPDATE: I’ve contacted everybody who gets a poster, so I’m super sorry if you aren’t on the list. Don’t blame me, blame for not picking your number. I wish I had more to distribute to all you lovely folks!

Pearl Jam

A really big (39″ x 54″) Ed one from Magnusson Park, 1992. Photo by Charles Peterson (you’ve probably seen this before). 

A replica of a 1992 UK tour poster, smaller (22″x33″) 

 The Who, Maximum R&B (2’x3′)

And some U2:

Huge War poster (sort of weird to have over your bed, FYI), 56″x38″

And a really well worn Rattle and Hum door-sized one. 

Let me know!