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Hunger Strike, with Chris Cornell, Bridge School 2014

Hiya! I’ve been totally missing in action, but there’s been a whole lot of Pearl Jam fun afoot. I had to miss this tour, what with the five month old, but my tour buddy C saw the boys in Milwaukee, lucky lucky duck that she is.

[Sidenote: I had threatened to jump out a window  after the No Code show if she got Yield. In jest, but then it ACTUALLY HAPPENED.]FullSizeRender

And at this very moment she’s at the Bridge School concert for the second day in a row. Jealous I am.

Anyway, you’ve probably seen this already, but I just got a moment to track it down, and it’s pretty great. I’m basically the only person on the planet who loves Pearl Jam but just isn’t that into Soundgarden, largely because of (I KNOW, DON’T KILL ME) Chris Cornell’s voice, which I just don’t get. BUT he seems like a cool guy, and even I can get behind a TOTD reunion, so here you have it. This is a great video, too.