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Last Kiss, Bridge School 2013

Well, I tell you what. It’s been a long few weeks. I don’t think I’ve mentioned on here the minor detail that I am enormously pregnant with Bub Number Two, and it’s really been slowing me down. Ye olde blog here will go on a proper hiatus when said Bub arrives, but until then, I’ll be occasional-posting.

Anyway! Another sticker winner: regular commenter Cindy! This is a make-your-day-so-much-brighter video, and while I don’t know many folks who claim this as their favorite PJ song, seeing those boys with all the Bridge School kids, surrounded, and Maricor grinning in the grinningest possible way? Well, it’s pretty ridiculously great.

Cindy wrote:

This is not one of my favorite songs, but in this case, it was a great moment in the Oakland show. The band leaves the stage and plays directly in front of the Bridge School kids. I love seeing them interact with the kids ~ so much love.
At the beginning of the show, Maricore was actually parked right in front of us off to the side and for [a] minute I thought maybe she’d stay there and Eddie would end up coming over to her, but she eventually joined everyone else. Eddie did actually run down the side aisle and high five people, my husband and I being the last two that he reached. Great show, great memories. 🙂

I love this. Cindy – Thank you! Send me an email (to jeanlouisefinchpj [at] gmail) with your mailing address and I’ll get a sticker out to you (any preference on Vancouver or Spokane?).

Glorified G, Mesa, AZ 1993

Sticker winners! Did you think I had forsaken you? Alas, no. Instead, I snapped a ligament in my ribs and was laid up for the last week and a half. Good times. I’ve hardly been able to sit at my computer long enough to compose an email, much less watch any YouTube glory that you submitted. Anyway, better now. And such fun to post in the coming days!

This is from @LemonYellowSon on the Twitter machine, and it’s a classic. I picked it EVEN THOUGH I think this is my least favorite Pearl Jam song of all time, and despite the fact that my PhD in public health is screaming at me for doing it. But, it’s classic early 90s Ed, and I’d never seen it before, and it’s  great. So, enjoy! Especially Ed lighting up an ENTIRE PACK at once. So gross.

And @LemonYellowSon, DM me your mailing address so I can send you a sticker!



Highway to Hell, Springsteen with EV, Brisbane 2014

I’ll pick the sticker winners tomorrow, I reckon, so you’ve still got time to get a video rec on here!

In the meantime, instead of watching the Oscars (because, really), you can watch this awesome video with synced perfect audio (thanks AGAIN MFSYNC172) from when Ed popped up in Brisbane the other night with Bruce. So fun.

Want a Spokane or Vancouver sticker?

So, I just rediscovered a few stickers I have left over from the PNW tour, and thought that rather than hoarding them for no reason, I should spread the love.

So! A little contest, which will also hopefully produce some fun new content for le blog here.

Send (or post or tweet or whatever) me your favorite Pearl Jam or Pearl Jam-related video that I haven’t yet posted on this here blog. I’ll pick three I’m partial to, will post them on here in the coming days, and, if I pick yours, I’ll send you a sticker. Win-win, am I right?

And if I get more than three awesomes, I’ll post those too. Happy hunting!