Monthly Archives: February 2014

Soldier of Love, Boston 2010 (plus Ray of Light (?!?), Chicago 1998)

Happy Valentine’s day, lovelies. Hope you’re spending it with some chocolate, which really is the point. I am making amazing chocolate cookies to devour with the fam.

I’m a little jealous of when the back got this instead of “Last Kiss”. Cha cha cha!

Also, um, weirdly, because I’d never heard it before, here’s a tag from “Daughter” in Chicago in 1998: Madonna’s (pretty awesome, I contend) “Ray of Light”.

Lightning Bolt, Seattle (& Vancouver & Spokane) 2013

For all the celebratory Seattleites this morning, some Lightning Bolt. That “flying towards the Great Northwest” part at 2:35 was SO AWESOME every single time they played it up here.

Go ‘Hawks! And hooray for Seattle today!

This video isn’t awesome (though the sound is decent) but I couldn’t very well post from a city other than Seattle, could I?

Here’s the Vancouver one, too (the video is great after the first 30 seconds or so):

And why the hellz not? Here’s Spokane! This is the best video of the lot.