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1/2 Full, Philly 2013 + All Those Yesterdays, Brooklyn 2013

Is it just me, or are the setlists this tour even more crazy awesome than usual? I don’t know – it seems like they’re really stepping it up, even for them. I almost fell out of my chair when some lovely soul (@rtw702) live tweeted that they were playing “1/2 Full”. And in case you missed it, they opened this show (Philly 1) with Pendulum -> Long Road -> Low Light. I mean, really now. And 1/2 Full was followed by Leash, I Believe in Miracles, and Porch. Are they trying to kill those of us not there?

The Brooklyn shows sounded no less ridiculously awesome, and this was a serious highlight from the second one (only the 14th time they’ve played it – maybe because of this?). Also: Wash? Whipping + BloodLeaving Here? These videos are great: mfc172, our hero, captured the video screens perfectly. (Updated 12/11 with synced audio from MFSYNC172).

All these videos are courtesy of the epically amazing mfc172. You should go visit the treasure trove he’s getting together from this string of East coast shows. He’ll flip the video and sync with the boots when the official ones come out (because he is the greatest).

Other Side (!), Worcester 2013

Only the second time they’ve ever played this, crazy lucky Worcester bastards (also love Ed’s shout out to Big Papi’s “fucking baseball miracle”  to kick it off). As it should be; I’ve said it before, but Boston-area fans are the best. Go Sox!

Edited 12/11 to add a newer, synced video, courtesy of MFSYNC172:

Best of the new songs from the last few shows (plus my mini LB review)

Holy mother, people, we have a new Pearl Jam album. Craziness. Craziness! How are you finding it? I have a hard time with the first few listens: it sounds so familiar and so strange at once. I listened several times when it was streaming from Itunes, and then miraculously my 10C order got delivered last Thursday, so I feel like I have enough listens under my belt to have an opinion: I’ve listened just sitting there, listened walking around with headphones, listened running, listened cleaning…I haven’t listened in the car yet (being blessed with minimal driving in my life) but that’s another key test.

So far? So good. I don’t love all of it (I’m still iffy on “Sirens” and “Swallowed Whole” doesn’t really do anything for me), but I really like a lot of it. “Getaway”, “Pendulum”, and “Let the Records Play” are the three standouts for me (and MYM, but that song’s awesome is old news now, right?). “Pendulum” in particular is an absolute top tier song for me. I’m still figuring out “My Father’s Son”, but I get that line can I get a reprieve? stuck in my head more than anything else on the album. I waffle on “Infallible”: the way it starts, I think I’m going to like it more than I end up liking it. It’s not as adventurous as I was hoping it would be, but I might still turn a corner. “Lightning Bolt” sort of kills me; I had the same opinion when they played it at Wrigley. It starts off SO WELL: a classic, building, gorgeous Pearl Jam anthem. Almost GTFish. And then, you gotta know you’ll never let her go… I dunno – the chorus really kills the mood for me. But I like the rest of it so much, I’m hoping it’ll work for me over time. I dig this version of “Sleeping By Myself”; it doesn’t necessarily make me super excited, but it’s fun and it’s sweet. “Yellow Moon” is gorgeous, and I like “Future Days” a lot more than I did at Wrigley: yeah, it’s uber-cheesey, but it’s also pretty ridiculously beautiful.

All in all? I think this is a way more interesting album than the last two. I pretty much never listen to Backspacer these days, and, other than Backspacer, I think Avocado is the weakest in their whole catalog. So I’m REALLY excited about this one. They took some risks, everyone sounds great, and there are several songs on here that totally speak to me.

Anyway! Lucky bastards on the East coast have already gotten most of these new songs live, so I thought I’d put together a little collection of the best videos of the best songs! Except, of course, there’s no “Getaway” yet. Maybe tonight. And if you’ve got an upgrade for me, send it my way (@watchitgotofire or comment below!).

Pendulum (holy god, as an opener? Chills, especially @3:36, this is so badass and unexpected, I love it) + Lowlight, Buffalo 2013. This is a GREAT video. Is Mike playing his guitar with a BOW? 

Let the Records Play, Pittsburgh 2013. Nice steady shot of the whole band, with good sound. (This song is so ridiculously fun, I can’t WAIT to see it live, hopefully my crowd with be bopping more than this one!) 

Yellow Moon, Buffalolo 2013. Great shot – mostly Ed & Stone, but super (!) close and steady. And nice Mike shots too. 

Infallible, Pittsburgh 2013. REALLY sweet B&W video shot from the side with good sound. Nice shots of the whole band grooving together. I love watching them! 

My Father’s Son, Buffalololo 2013. And now it’s stuck in my head, even though Ed fucked up the lyrics.

Grievance, Jones Beach 2000

What bullshit is THIS? I’ve never posted a video of this marvel of a song?!? What an outrage. Consider it corrected. Nice shots of the whole band, even if the quality isn’t amazing. I’ve been listening to the Bellingham 5/10/2000 boot a lot lately, and I wish there were video of this song from that show, because it’s so great. I like how Ed changes the cadence in the “…you don’t take blood and give it back again“, to go up at the end. He doesn’t do it in this version, but it’s still pretty great.

Oh, and some words of wisdom from one of the few remaining articulate members of Congress:  “In a democracy, hostage tactics are the last resort for those who can’t win their fights though elections, can’t win their fights in Congress, can’t win their fights for the presidency, and can’t win their fights in the courts.” Thank you, Senator Warren.

I Believe in Miracles (acoustic), Santa Barbara 2003

This is a beauty. The video is a little shaky, but the audio’s soundboard, courtesy of the great MFSYNC172, and it’s gorgeous.