Monthly Archives: August 2013

Mind Your Manners, London 2013

Shit, but this is a great song. I love the new video. That kickass intro gets me in the gut every time, and the fury of the whole thing makes me grin. This is a super fantastic, if wholly Ed focused, video from the London show. It’s pretty fun to see this kind of fire, even with dysfunctional mics. (Oh, and for the Wrigley one, that’s here; same kickass MFC172 on video.)

A PJ/Ed + Finn family collection

I’m all aflutter with the news that Ed and Neil Finn are combining forces for a contribution to a new Hunters and Collectors tribute album (thanks, @demetriosns for the link!). I love Neil Finn. I love his brother and I love his son, too. I pretty much love anything to do with the Finn family. This is evidenced in this blog, where I put up videos of their collaborations and/or covers pretty much every chance I get. So I thought, why not build a little compilation (á la the REM + PJ/EV collection) for your (and my) enjoyment? Got more? Send ’em!

Better Be Home Soon, with Neil and Liam, Christchurch 2009

History Never Repeats, Ed with Split Enz, Auckland 1995 (This is almost too great to be endured. You’ve been warned.)

Habit, with Liam, PJ20 2011

Plus, Who You Are, with Liam helping out, also PJ20 2011 (it’s there, scroll down)

Betterman, Ed with Neil and friends, Auckland 2001

I See Red, Ed with Betchadupa (and Tim, too!), Auckland 2001, plus Ed (on the drums!) with Liam at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle, rocking out on Habit + I See Red

I Got You, Melbourne 1995 and again, epically great, from Verona in 2000