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Bee Girl, Boston 2010

Just because it’s so great. What a video, too. When Jeff and Ed both peer up around 1:00, it’s perfect. Boston audiences, man. They know what’s up.

Yellow Ledbetter/Star Spangled Banner, NYC 2008

Because on days like today, there are no words, and you just have to party. DOMA down! Same-sex marriage protected in the biggest state in the US! And holy mother, Wendy Davis and her colleagues, and the unbelievable show of citizenship and support in the Texas legislature last night. I’m feeling awfully proud to be an American this morning.

Unthought Known, fan-made video

I don’t think I’ve posted any fan-made videos on here (unless you count Why Go by P.O.S., which I don’t think you should count since it’s really a kickass cover). But @tekedaras sent me this link the other day, and I just watched it this morning, and it’s absolutely lovely. I’m not huge on this song, but the “gems and rhinestones” line has always hit me like a ton of bricks.

Enjoy! And thanks ChasingDogma for the video!

Kick Out the Jams, Missoula 2012 (plus Toronto 2011, Werchter 2010 + NYC 2010). Because you can never have too much KOTJ.

I’ve been running quite a bit lately, and I have a  great playlist that keeps my legs chugging along. There’s a lot of PJ on there (shock!). “Brain of J” is the perfect BPM, as is Ed’s cover (with Betchadupa) of “I See Red” and PJ’s cover of “Sonic Reducer”. “Rise” is exactly what I want to hear on some cool mornings, as is that “Pump Organ” song from EV’s Fort Lauderdale show last year (not that I have that, obviously).

But this one (I’ve got this exact version on there) is hilariously inspiring for sprinting up a hill or making one more big push. I never thought too much of this cover, but now I love it. It’s the charging guitar that gets me, and Mark Arm is SO. COMPLETELY. GREAT.

The audio on this one isn’t perfect (anyone up for some syncing with soundboard?) – but I think having the audience in the background makes it. They are having a shit ton of fun, people. How does MM keep playing after being tackled by Mark Arm? Skillz.

Better audio, no audience:

Edited to add: And, ’cause MFSCYNC172‘s awesome, here’s some more Mark Arm (oh my god, his moves at 0:50) + PJ KOTJ action with perfect audio (and most excellent video) from Toronto in 2011. Also, Ed: get your shit together!

AND here they are with Dave Grohl bashing the shit out of a tambourine, and Alain Johannes rocking out, in Werchter 2010 (though I think Mark Arm does a better intro, no?):

And, finally, in NYC in 2010:

If you’re not dancing now, FAIL by you!

Corduroy + Lukin, NYC 1996

Sometimes I forget just how fucking awesome “Corduroy” is. They play it so much, and so I feel like I hear it so much, that I don’t always appreciate it. But then I’ll hear it anew and remember just how totally great it is. There’s a bunch of good stuff from this (super intense, a little too much) show on Randall’s Island.

Red Mosquito, Berlin 1996

“I was bitten/must have been the devil/he was just plain mean.”

I know I’m not the only one who was totally sure those were the lyrics forever, and who is unable to change to the real ones. Also, I really hope that just BLEW SOMEONE’S MIND, because apparently, no: that’s not what he’s saying.

This is a pretty great video, especially for how old it is, and the audio is fantastic: