Monthly Archives: May 2013

Leatherman, Toronto 2011

Totally Ed-focused, but how great is this song? (The video comes in after a few seconds).

Come Back, Berlin 2010

Thank you to our veterans, past and present, as well as the families of those who lost so much.

Rats, Toronto 2011

Wow, those are some sweet moves to kick this video off. As usual, super great video + soundboard audio from the incomparable MFSYNC172.


Girl from the North Country, Ed solo, from Water on the Road

It’s Bob Dylan’s birthday, hooray! PJ and Ed have done a whole bunch of great Bob Dylan covers (not least, that Masters of War from 1992), and this is one of my favorites. This video is mostly of Ed mucking about between shows, but around 1:40 it breaks over to him singing and strumming. It’s a gorgeous song, and Ed does it justice. Happy birthday, Bob.

Also, have you seen this sucker?

Don’t Be Shy, Ed from Slacker Uprising, Seattle 2004

I needed a little beauty in my morning.

Diamonds on the Inside, Ben Harper with Ed (and Mike?)

The youtube title says Mike’s on here, but I don’t know (there’s no video, and Ben doesn’t announce him at the start). Is it from the 2004 Bridge School? Ed joined Ben Harper for this song at that, so could be it. It’s pretty ridiculously awesome regardless.