Monthly Archives: April 2013

Heart to Hang Onto, Ed with Pete Townshend, Letterman 1999

Oh, blonde Ed. With an earring. And yet! The song still rocks. Imagine that.

Sonic Reducer, with Joey Ramone, New Orleans 1995

Worst week ever.

Here: something great. Looks like PJ is rolling back to New Orleans this fall, maybe it will be this awesome? High five to MFSYNC172 for the usual amazeballsness. Really now, if you haven’t checked out his YouTube channel, get over there right now.

Bridge school interviews, 2010 & 2011

Yesterday was a dark, heavy day. I haven’t lived in Boston for years, but it’s my home city, and I’m heartbroken for it. I’m trying to remember that for all the fucked up evil out there, there’s hundreds of times  more good. The first responders, the volunteers, the runners, the broader community: everyone stepped up. Don’t let that small proportion of evil make you think humanity sucks.

Last night, I was too sad to sleep, so I tried to find something to lift my spirits, and remembered these interviews that Ed has done with the Bridge School kids, and they made me smile. Those kids are SO amazing.

From 2010 with Jake:

And another from 2010 with Maricor:

From 2011 with Elisabeth (who is so adorable):

And then maybe the best one, from 2011 with Drew:

Rival, Boston 2010

It’s a mystery why they’ve only played this one 20 times – here’s a pretty great video with soundboard audio thanks to MFSYNC172.

Blood, Self-Pollution Radio 1995

Just a little soft rock to get your day going.

I Believe in Miracles, Buenos Aires 2013 (last night!)

Well, that surprise live stream of the show last night was pretty much the most ridiculously awesome thing ever. Long live the Twitter #PJFam – it really felt like we were all rocking out together (even if I missed everything til “Got Some” because of pesky dinner! And listened standing up at my laptop in my kitchen!). Tons of video coming out, but here’s a proshot of “I Believe in Miracles”. Good times!