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Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns, Vancouver 2011

Happy Easter, to those who celebrate! My toddler did a killer Easter egg hunt this morning. I hope your day is wonderful.

This is a fantastic video, with some especially nice Mike shots (Ed, too).

And to all you lucky ducklings in Sao Paulo tonight, I hope the show blows your minds! Have enough fun for the rest of us, too!

TFC 1998, full concert

Sweet mother! My first Pearl Jam show! On youtube in its glorious entirety. Sometimes, the internet wins.

This includes the RHCP busting out at the end of PJ’s set and rocking it for a few tunes.

Inside Job, Verona 2006

This is not a song that I’ve ever really connected with, but it came on my headphones this morning, and I listened to it for the first time in a long time all the way through. Huh. It’s actually pretty great.

How I choose to feel is how I am. 

Don’t Touch Me There (Improv), Seattle 1993

Good times, here! I was looking for video of a different, also awesome improv (the “Hold Me” one from the November 3, 1993 San Diego show – if you’ve got video of this HOOK ME UP), but came across this one instead. I miss their improvs, they were so raw.

In My Tree, Fargo 2003

No video, but this really different, ridiculously awesome version of my favorite Pearl Jam song is a stunner (many thanks to @mariano_grungy for the link on the Twitter machine). When it’s starting, you think, ‘oh no, this is not going well,’ but then it really, really works.

Star Anna & Mike McCready, Live on KEXP & RNDM, Live on KEXP, 2012

Today’s the last day of KEXP’s spring pledge drive. KEXP, if you don’t know, is a listener-supported, commercial-free radio station in Seattle. And it’s the best fucking radio station in the world. It streams online for free, so you should go check them out, and then you should become a member and support this kind of awesomeness. I’ve been a member for years, since before I lived in Seattle. You should listen and then you should join, too.

In relation to PJ (since this is a PJ site), in the last week, I’ve heard them play “Last Exit”, “Rise”, “Leaving Here”, “The American in Me”, “Hunger Strike”, and the kickass cover of “Masters of War” from the Bob Dylan anniversary show. I won a copy of “Pearl Jam vs. Ames Bros.” the first morning of the drive. They’ve been playing a ton of Mudhoney, Mother Love Bone, Soundgarden, Mad Season, Nirvana (“Molly’s Lips”!), and other Seattle classics. This morning, they’ve played Sigur Ros, Bowie, the Star Wars theme (!), the Magnetic Fields, the National, the Beta Band, Catherine Wheel, the Temptations, and so much other goodness I can’t list it all, including a ton of stuff I have never heard of but like a LOT. They played “Can’t Touch This” yesterday. They also played William Shatner’s cover of “Common People”. They played Kristen Hersh’s cover of “When the Levee Breaks”. I mean, really now.

And it’s not only an amazing source for music, but they’re a fantastic non-profit that is actively engaged in the broader Seattle community. Anyone with a KEXP bumper sticker on their car (or bike) feels like an immediate friend. Stone and Mike both power KEXP (and probably the rest of the band, too). This station is wonderful, and rare.

They ALSO do amazing in-studios and put them online. Like these two.

Here: Star Anna with Mike from last year. 

And here’s a full set from RNDM last year, too: