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Full Mural Amphitheatre show, Seattle 1991

Ahhh. Good times. I’ve posted “Breath” from this free show in 1991 in Seattle, but here’s the whole of it. Go on: put your feet up and enjoy. And wile away the time ’til we all hear about Wrigley.

Release, PJ20 2011

We’re all waiting, waiting, waiting this morning (though I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much for major news LIKE AN ENTIRE ALBUM DROPPING TODAY or anything like that. No really, my hopes aren’t up AT ALL). Anyway, I’ve got those flutterbies in my belly I associate with the experience of waiting, waiting, waiting for a show to start. This video captures the feeling pretty well.

Who You Are, Hamburg 1996

No particular reason for this post, other than this is such a totally, ridiculously, outrageously great song. Chills @2:20. Kills me every. single. time. Go Stoney go!

Who else entered the Wrigley lottery? Bated breath, my friends, bated breath.

Hunger Strike, with Chris Cornell, PJ20 2011

Somehow, I didn’t see this video until a few days ago. I am, I think, the only PJ fan who just isn’t that into Chris Cornell. I mean, he seems like a really cool guy, and I can appreciate his music, but I just don’t like his voice that much (!). Don’t kill me. Sometimes, it works for me. Like here. I’ve posted two early days versions of this collaboration, but this one is just as great.

Also, if you haven’t read this article about this song, you should; it’ll get your hackles up, but some of it rings true.  And the best part:

One of my favorite moments in Pearl Jam Twenty is when Stone Gossard remembers the making ofTemple Of The Dog. Driving around, Mike Watt-style, while giving his interview to Crowe, the genuinely sweet and humble guitarist  reminisces about Temple‘s studio sessions—and how hearing the playback of “Hunger Strike” was the first time Gossard realized how ridiculously powerful Vedder’s voice is, even when stacked up against Cornell’s. “And then you hear it,” Gossard recalls with a giddy grin, “and you go, ‘Wow! Our guy can sing really fucking good too.’” His brotherly pride in Vedder—undiminished 20 years later—is enough to choke you up a little. (Or at least choke me up a little. And I’m not even a Pearl Jam fan.

Blackbird, Ed solo, Water on the Road

For unknown reasons, it took me a very long time to buy this DVD. I think it came out during the dark days when I wasn’t listening to much PJ (and let my 10C membership expire – dammit!). When I finally got it, I liked it, but I haven’t watched it much. I can’t really say why. This isn’t even my favorite part of it; I like Ed’s version, but really, not much can stand up to the original, not even the version I sing to my bub to get her to calm down.

BUT. It’s got some of the best crowd participation ever. When everyone starts tweeting at 1:50, oh man. It’s so ridiculously awesome. I love it. This, people, is how you participate at an Ed solo show (not drunkenly screaming out requests).

Tweet tweet!

I Got You, Melbourne 1995

Ok, so yes. This video is not great quality, and the audio is not great either (though the audio gets better once the music starts). But it’s “I Got You”, so it can’t help but be awesome. When they covered this in Verona in 2000, it was totally great. I didn’t realize they’d done it before, and I think Ed gets more of the words right the first time around.

You’re always out…IT GETS ON MY NERVES!”