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Given to Fly, Oslo 2000

Happy New Year, fellow PJ fans. I hope the next year is a joy-filled, healthy, and peaceful one for you and yours. A new year means a fresh start: arms wide open with the sea as your floor! Chills for you at 1:05. It just doesn’t get much better than this.

Happy birthday, EV! To celebrate, an Even Flow tour.

I realised the other day that I don’t have a single version of “Even Flow” on this blog. Whoa. I’m totally one of those fans. So I thought, why not make it an epic “Even Flow” post for EV’s birthday? He’s been given it his all for 22 years because his fans love it, and he loves his fans. And we love him back.

Here: the evolution of “Even Flow” over the last 22 years, with one stellar (or not) performance culled from each year. You could probably set up a sweet bingo card for this one. Mike plays the solo behind his head (score!). Ed lights a cigarette during the break (score!). Etc.

1990, Mookie Blaylock at the Off Ramp in Seattle (this is so slow

1991, at the Mural Amphitheatre in Seattle

1992, at Limelight in NYC

1993, at “Mudfest” in Gimli, Manitoba (proshot)

1994, at the Orpheum in Boston

1995, at Red Rocks

1996, in Milan (this one fucking rocks, especially Stone’s sweet slacks. Yep. Slacks.)

1997, in Oakland, opening for the Stones (pro-shot. Also, awesome. “Dissident” starts it, but then it’s good old “Even Flow” for the win at 3:30ish.)

1998, at the TFC in DC (I was there, thank you very much, for my inaugural PJ live experience)

1999, FAIL! Son of a! I don’t think they actually played this song once live this entire year, according to TFT’s CC.

2000, at Pinkpop. Because it’s ridiculously awesome even though you’ve seen it six times already.

2001, FAIL again. They DID play this that year, but there seems to be no evidence of such activity on the Interwebs.

2002, in Seattle

2003, in Sydney

2004, in Grand Rapids, MI

2005, in Santiago (pro-shot)

2006, in Honolulu

2007, at the Rock Werchter Festival (pro-shot, and rocking)

2008, in Columbia, SC, where EV mostly just sings a jumbled mess of words

2009, for a little levity, EV falls on his ass in the midst of the Toronto show. We laugh because we love.

2010, in London, with Danny Clinch on the camera making magic.

2011, in Hamilton, Ontario, with EV giving a shout out to the Wishlist Foundation. Hooray! Not the whole of “Even Flow” – but a reminder of why we love EV (and why he loves us).

2012, in Berlin

Phew. Happy birthday, Ed!

Long Road, with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Seattle 2001 (pro-shot)

The collaborations Ed did with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan for the Dead Man Walking soundtrack are among my favorite things he’s ever done. I’ve posted the show he did in LA, but I’d never seen this before. Shivers. Serious shivers. This is with the late Nusrat’s nephew, Rahat.

All these changes taking place…

So, it’s been almost a year (!) since I started this blog. It’s been fantastic fun, and it got me where I needed to go: I’m Dr watchitgotofire, PhD. It’s official. I handed in my final thesis a few days ago. That’s it. I’m done. When I started this project, I wasn’t sure I was going to get there. But I did, and this project got me sitting down at my computer each day without dread, and kept me moving forward. Plus, I think I’ve got here a pretty great collection of amazing Pearl Jam videos, and it seems like other folks agree.

But, it’s been a year of posting a video every day (pretty much!), and it’s become a little bit less fun than it once was, now that I don’t have to spend hours tap-tap-tapping away on my thesis. So I am stepping away from the daily updates. I will still post videos when I find them and think they belong on here, but they’ll be occasional rather than regular; I predict they’ll come in spurts.

There are so many awesome folks doing cool one-a-day things: Jeff Ament’s Army (on Facebook and Twitter) has been doing one reliably great video per day since long before this blog came along. @PearlJamFM is a new follow on Twitter. @TheRealDanPatch keeps us all in the bootleg glory. And then there are the multitudes of other great folks (Pearl Jam Online, gremmie.netTwoFeetThickThe Porch, TheSkyIScrape, plus probably twenty more I’m not remembering right now) keeping us all in the Pearl Jam loop. There’s the truly epic and mighty MFSYNC172’s YouTube channel that shall no doubt continue to provide the awesome. And of course, there are the archives on here to keep you entertained.

I’m not going anywhere, so drop me a line and say hey from time to time. And if you come across some video that I ought to be including, send it my way!

My City of Ruins, Ed solo @ Kennedy Center Honors 2009

It’s been a very difficult few days. I hope everyone is dealing as best they can with the horrific events in Newtown. There’s nothing to really be said about it, and while I know posting a link to the Onion might seem odd, it really sums up how I’m feeling. I am sure in a few days I’ll be able to start thinking about what we do next, how we prevent something like this happening again, but right now I just feel pretty hopeless and helpless.

So, I’m trying to rise up. I’ve posted another version of this in the past (Ed with Arcade Fire’s Regine and Owen) but this one is just as good. Hard to go wrong when Ed covers Springsteen, I say, especially when you get shots of a clearly emotional Bruce singing along.

And if you want to see Bruce do it (and probably spend a few minutes in tears):

Animal, Gimli, Manitoba (“Mudfest”) 1993

The videos from this show are just so great, I can’t resist posting another. Also, I still think it’s totally crazy that they debuted this at the VMAs in 1993. Blew my mind.