An R.E.M. + PJ/Ed collection

*Sigh. I’ve been having serious R.E.M. withdrawals lately. That band, my friends. That band is missed.

First, something new. Not a video, but well worth a listen. Here’s “Long Road”, Ed with R.E.M. at the Crocodile in Seattle in 2001. It’s unfuckingbelievable, even if the sound isn’t great (who is TALKING DURING THIS SONG? I hate that person).

And some links for other R.E.M.-related goodies:

Begin the Begin, R.E.M. with Ed, DC 2004 + Ed inducting them to the R&RHOF in 2007

Another Begin the Begin with Ed, Philly 2008 (because you can never have too much “Begin the Begin”…this one with some truly epic Michael-Stipe-esque dancing by EV. I didn’t know he could flail like that.)

Michael Stipe and Natalie Merchant cover Long Road, 1997

Collapse Into Now, PJ covers R.E.M. on the day they broke up, Calgary 2011

People Have the Power/It’s the End of the World (As We Know It), R.E.M. with Ed, Seattle 2001

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