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Garden, Stockholm 2012

Not many of the Ten-era songs sound more powerful now than they did then, but this might be one of them. Heavy. They are on for this. And this is a great video with great sound, as per usual (thanks MFSYNC172!).


It Makes No Difference, My Morning Jacket with Ed, Grand Rapids 2006

Here we have a pretty great cover of the Band.

Happy birthday, Mr. Matt Cameron!

Happy birthday, Matt! 50!

Here’s MC at the Brotherhood of the Drum in Seattle in 2007 (part of the Ballard Jazz Festival). And here we have the best quote ever, from one of the commenters (MarkHarrellJr):

Apparently Matt is the fruit of an underground scientific experiment. DNA was taken from John Bonham, Keith Moon and Stewart Copeland to create a powerful yet precise and creative hybrid drummer. They had no idea he would become the beast he became which is why everyone connected with the experiment has been killed so as to ensure silence. Now you know.

And because it’s magic, here’s the camera on Matt for “In My Tree” from Touring Band 2000:

All Along the Watchtower, with Neil Young, Vote for Change 2004

When I saw Uncle Neil a few weeks ago, he played four songs (count ’em) in the first hour of the show. The first one was 20 minutes long. Good times, my friends, good times.

Gonna See My Friend, Sao Paulo 2011

Rock, people!

Wild Horses, the Rolling Stones with Ed, Pittsburgh 2005

50 years, man. Hope PJ makes it that long (but that they don’t charge as much as the Stones at their shows). This was from the show when PJ opened for the Stones in 2005, not to be confused with the shows they opened in Oakland in 1997.

Edited: Whoops! Pittsburgh, not Philly. Sorry, Pittsburgh!