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Smile (sort of), Copenhagen 2012

Oh, the bloopers. All is forgiven since this was the day after Dennis Flemion passed. This is via Suziemay on the 10club board.

I’m in dire straits, posting from my phone, because we just moved into our new house (!) and have no Internet. And as of tomorrow, I’ll be sunning myself on a Hawaiian beach for a week or so, so there probably won’t be too many new treasures for a few days. I might tweet out some best-ofs, but go and peruse the archives if you need a fix!

Worldwide Suicide, Lisbon 2007 (pro-shot)

Nice little rocker, here.

Last Kiss, Elderly Woman & RITFW singalong, Ed solo at Bridge school 2012

In case you missed it, here’s the awesomeness that is EV popping up to open for Guns ‘N Roses (?) at Bridge School a few days ago. Thanks to @cbanes and @twofeetthick for the link! Also, Ed’s family singing along to Elderly Woman is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Edited to add: And because I’m such a sucker for the all-star singalong, especially those featuring EV and RITFW, here’s this.

Wasted Reprise/Come Back, San Francisco 2006

Just so beautiful.

Edited to add: whoops. I had the wrong video up (though the one I had posted is still below, a great, great “Come Back” from Chicago 2009).

Alive, Daly City CA 1991: happy 22nd, Pearl Jam!

22 years! Here’s to many, many more. I posted the Off Ramp show a few days ago, which you should probably watch at least once today, to celebrate. Here’s another amazing video from the early days. Eddie does a sweet dive and the whole thing is just a nice reminder of OH YEAH THESE GUYS ARE THE BEST EVER.

Oceans, Limelight (NYC) 1992

EV showed up to surprise at Bridge School last night – so awesome. Videos will be forthcoming, there’s already a few floating around on the Twitter machine. ALSO. Jack Irons responded to my 1994 Bridge School tweet yesterday. NOT THAT IT MADE ME FREAK OUT OR ANYTHING.

In the mean time, I’m in serious early days mode. Here’s an epic start to a pretty epic show. Video kicks in @2:30, and you can actually see them about a minute later. Worth the wait, I say, and the audio is crystal.

Here’s another, much steadier view (HOW WERE THERE TWO TAPERS IN 1992?!?):