Monthly Archives: September 2012

Tremor Christ, Hartford CT 1998

Happy #PJMT, people! Other, better folks will be live tweeting the set I’m sure. I’ll be rocking out!

Such a good, underrated, oft-forgot song. The video gets better after the first few seconds, and though it’s just shots of the Jumbotron, it’s pretty sweet. Stone! Love!

Going to California, with Robert Plant (!), Chicago 2005

Yep. Pretty crap video, but seriously, who cares? It’s Pearl Jam with Zepp.

I’m not going to California, but I am going to Missoula. This morning! Yahoo!

Crazy/State of Love and Trust, Bozeman MT 1992

Holy moly, I get to see Pearl Jam live in a little more than 48 hours. I am in the midst of moving madness and it’s probably good that has kept me so distracted else I’d be freaking out more than I am. Missoula, we’re incoming! And I don’t know if I’m going to be posting from there as I’m leaving the old computer at home.

In the meantime, here’s a little bit of Seal’s “Crazy” (?!?) followed by an awesome SOLAT. In Montana. Where I’m going. Tomorrow morning. To see Pearl Jam. WHEEEEEEEEE!!!

I’m Still Here

No video. I hadn’t ever heard this (or heard of it) until a couple of months ago. My limited research suggests it’s from a promo disc of Lost Dogs. It’s so intensely personal, it’s almost painful to listen to. Be sound.

Better Be Home Soon, with Neil and Liam Finn, Christchurch 2009

I get chills when this starts: that crowd loves their Crowded House (as well they should). It’s amazing. Sometimes, I just love rock music so much it makes me want to cry.

Alone, LA 2009

Pretty sweet video of a pretty rare song…go Mike, go!

Also, total side note. In perusing the twofeetthick concert chronology for something else, I just saw that in Adelaide in 2009 they dedicated “Just Breathe” to the author Tim Winton. That is amazing. Tim Winton? Amazing. If you’ve never read him, go pick up Dirt Music, or Breath, or Cloudstreet, and you’ll never go back. He’s unbelievable.