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Why Can’t I Touch It/Immortality, Manchester 2012

A little Buzzcocks to go with your “Immortality”. Great video and soundboard audio. And now you have an earworm for the weekend. I’ve been singing this for a week. You’re welcome!

Jeremy, MTV VMA Awards, 1992

Whoa. I don’t know, you kind of forget how young they were and how much Ed looked like he was totally insane (I really don’t miss the fluttery-eyelid/eyes-rolling-back thing he had going on). Everyone remembers them on the VMAs in 1993, but I forgot that they’d done it the year before too (though I guess this is when the famous Ed/Kurt Cobain dancing together thing happened, no?). Also, it looks like the whole almost-three-hour show is actually online, too: this (1:16:41 for Dana Carvey’s intro for “kickass rock and roll”), Black Crowes (kicking it off), U2 (33 minutes in or so! I love Achtung Baby era U2), Nirvana (57 minutes in)…sigh. Good times.

Little Wing, Milwaukee 1995

Fantastic. Many thanks to @jjjrrr and @dte421 for sharing on ye olde Twitter machine (and pjvideoguy for uploading). Holy Mike McCready.

Single Video Theory (full!)

I haven’t watched this in years – I have the VHS in a stack at my folks’ house and haven’t dug it out or found a VCR to watch it in in forever. And, full disclosure, I haven’t rewatched this yet (I’ve got my defense coming up very soon and my YouTube time is severely limited these days!), but I’m delighted it’s available. Yield is my favorite Pearl Jam album. Which means it’s my favorite album. Listening to SVT now, it really sounds like Ed has a cold, no? I was going to list the highlights: “In Hiding”, “Lowlight”, “Do the Evolution”…but then I realised they’re ALL highlights.

Also, if you want the audio, the ever superb Gremmie has the whole of it.

A collection of No Code wonders

It’s No Code‘s 16th birthday today (and Ten‘s 21st!), so everyone should listen to this masterpiece at least once. So, to help you on your mission, I’ve put together a little compilation of the best videos I’ve found for the whole album, in order. I haven’t posted every song from No Code, but I’ve come pretty close. (Sorry, “Sometimes”!)

Hail, Hail, Letterman 1996

Who You Are, Toronto 1996 (in my top 5 on this whole site!)

In My Tree, Santiago 2005

Smile, with Glen Hansard, PJ20 2011

Off He Goes, Katowice, Poland 2000

Habit, Ed with Mike Watt and Dave Grohl, Ringspiel Tour 1995

Red Mosquito, with Ben Harper, Austin City Limits 2009

Lukin, 3 Lukins (a.k.a., the evolution of Lukin, a.k.a. 3 versions of awesome)

Present Tense, New York 1996

Mankind, Dallas 1998

I’m Open, Hartford 2006

Around the Bend, Grand Rapids, MI 2006

Porch, Ed solo at Bridge School 2011 (pro-shot)

So ridiculously great. How can you not love this? All the chatter about Bridge School this year got me looking backwards. Also, apparently I’m on a “Porch” kick. Second “Porch” in five days!