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Once, Milan 1992 (Sorpasso, tv promo)

Edited on August 11 to add: Well, well, well. The #PJscholars strike again. Many thanks to commenter radioseanblog for the identification on this one: not a Hollywood show (and not in 1991), but a small promo concert for Italian station TMC2 in Milan, in 1992. Awesome. radioseanblog even gives us a link to a story on the show. Thanks!

Original post: No real idea about this one. Ed says “welcome to Pearl Jam, the private show…” at 0:42, before they start “Once”. Google tells me that the Tunnel is a club in Hollywood. Anyone know if this was really some private show? Was it really 1991?

Whatever the source, this is worth watching for so, so many reasons:

  • Jeff’s hilarious inability to move at ALL from 0:12 – 0:40. He’s stock still and ramrod straight and looks like a goofball in his sweet hat. I mock because I love.
  • Ed’s unbelievably embarrassing dance moves in those same first 40 seconds. Oh. My. God. Again, I mock because I love.
  • Stone forgetting he’s supposed to be a sullen badass and smiling like a little kid at 2:34.
  • The air guitar by the guy in the sweet fingerless black leather gloves at 3:09 (yeah, that’s right).

Please, add your own highlights below!

Breakerfall, Nuremberg 2000

I sort of forget about Binaural sometimes…then when I do get around to listening to it, this song starts it off and knocks me over. Here’s a really nice pro-shot video from the Rock Im Park festival in 2000.

Family squabble + No Way, PJ20 2011

Many thanks to wishlisa76 at the PJ Forum for this link; it’s incredibly endearing as they argue about whether they are going to play one of Stone’s songs. I love Ed tapping his shoulder at 2:00 and Stone just saying “no”. The whole interaction is just lovely, and holy shit, it’s easily one of the highest quality fanshot videos I’ve ever seen.

There’s been a whole bunch of tremendously awesome PJ bloopers posted in a thread over there. Go add your own if you have some, I’ll be posting more of these in the weeks ahead.

Also, apparently I really like this song (I do!). This is the third time I’ve posted a video of it!


Pilate, Dallas 1998

Not sure why, but this song doesn’t get played very often (just 20 lucky shows). It’s a great one. Yield is the best. It doesn’t get any better, as far as I’m concerned. People were listing their preferred order of PJ albums on the Twitter machine a few weeks ago. I got as far as:

  1. Yield
  2. No Code
  3. ?

Then I had to stop. I love them all, but these two are just an order of magnitude above for me.

Also: yes, that is Dennis Rodman on stage with them.

Dancing Barefoot, Patti Smith with Ed & Johnny Depp, Voices for Justice 2010

In addition to my current Ed kick, I’ve had a particularly acute Patti Smith obsession for the last week. Here’s one of the highlights from the West Memphis 3 benefit – it doesn’t get much better than this. What. A. Voice. What a poet.

Also, Johnny Depp SO WANTS to be a rockstar, but he has much to learn. Good thing he’s got some pretty awesome teachers.

I See Red, Ed with Betchadupa, 7 Worlds Collide, Auckland 2001

I’m on a real Ed kick, given that his Euro tour is now underway (though, truth be told, that’s a pretty permanent state for me). I cannot believe he played “Good Woman” last night. I get chills just thinking about how beautiful it must have been; I hope I’ll get to hear it (live, ideally).

Here’s a great cover of a classic Split Enz song from the 7 Worlds Collide concert that Neil Finn put together in New Zealand in 2001. Ed is rocking out with Betchadupa (Liam Finn’s band!) and Tim Finn makes a nice appearance, too. If you don’t own this cd or DVD, get on it. It’s a great show.

And for a more recent collaboration on the same song from Liam and Ed, here’s a video from the Tractor Tavern (in Seattle) from 2011: “Habit” into “I See Red”.