Habit, with Liam Finn, PJ20 2011

Between digesting all the awesome from Amsterdam last night (seriously, holy setlist. That is just ridiculous. And the fact that 10C-charter member Brian got to curate it? It’s so cool I can’t even stand it. On so many levels: it’s so cool for HIM – he got to basically get a personalised PJ concert, and there might be no better anything for a long time PJ fan; but it’s also just so cool for the rest of us, because it affirms the utter awesomeness that is Pearl Jam. They couldn’t be more awesome. It’s not actually possible) … and now digesting the news that the Affordable Care Act has been upheld, I’m at loose ends. There’s still a lot of work to be done to ensure fair, high quality and affordable access for all, but this is a huge step that is immensely, immensely encouraging.

It seems like party time. Here’s “Habit” with synced audio from the awesome MFSCYNC172.

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