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Wasted Reprise/Man of the Hour, San Francisco 2006

Here’s some beauty for your weekend. We can all spend some time thinking about the 9 Pearl Jam fans we lost 12 years ago today. I hope their families and friends have found some peace.

All Along the Watchtower, with Johnny Marr (!!), Oregon 2006

I posted a video of Ed with the Tangents doing this song  few days ago. That was cool, but this is way cooler. The video’s not super great, but for the love. It’s Johnny Marr. Covering Dylan (well, covering Hendrix covering Dylan, really). With Pearl Jam. Happy Friday!

Wash & Release, Amsterdam 2012 (yesterday!)

A double dose today; there’s been so much going on this morning (not least my non-napping kid) that I’ve had no time to do anything but listen to NPR. Yay, Obamacare! Now I’ve got a few minutes and have been catching up on the greatness that was Amsterdam last night. This show is going to provide fodder for this blog for months to come. Brian: you are a hero. THAT was a setlist. And Pearl Jam, you’re even more awesome than we all thought (as I explained in my previous post).

As a side note, When I meet Ed, I’m going to ask him for that peace-sign shirt. Oh, the things it has seen.

Here’s how the night started:

And then this is how the first encore started (!!!!!!!!!!!JAOIDIUAHF!!!!)

Oh, and here’s “Bugs” (Bugs!) into “Betterman”. When I saw they played “Bugs” on the twitter machine, I thought to myself: so wait. Do they always tour around with some old accordian JUST IN CASE Bugs makes the cut? But, apparently not.

Habit, with Liam Finn, PJ20 2011

Between digesting all the awesome from Amsterdam last night (seriously, holy setlist. That is just ridiculous. And the fact that 10C-charter member Brian got to curate it? It’s so cool I can’t even stand it. On so many levels: it’s so cool for HIM – he got to basically get a personalised PJ concert, and there might be no better anything for a long time PJ fan; but it’s also just so cool for the rest of us, because it affirms the utter awesomeness that is Pearl Jam. They couldn’t be more awesome. It’s not actually possible) … and now digesting the news that the Affordable Care Act has been upheld, I’m at loose ends. There’s still a lot of work to be done to ensure fair, high quality and affordable access for all, but this is a huge step that is immensely, immensely encouraging.

It seems like party time. Here’s “Habit” with synced audio from the awesome MFSCYNC172.

All Along the Watchtower, Ed with the Tangents, NYC 2007

Here’s Ed rocking out with the Tangents in NYC. Apparently, Tim Robbins’ and Susan Sarandon’s son is in the Tangents which explains the connection. The kid playing bass is having the time of his life. Hilarious that they then have to play some more after Ed gets off the stage. No pressure or anything.

The YouTube comments asking for identification on the song are cracking me up. Who doesn’t know this song? How is that even possible?

Epic pre-set when the opener didn’t make it, Toronto 2009

Ted Leo of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists couldn’t get through the border for their opening gig with PJ in Toronto in 2009 (according to twofeetthick). Awesomeness ensued (not that it wouldn’t have ensued anyway, but I hereby call all attending fans luckiest ever). Seriously, this is why we love Pearl Jam. Thanks once again to the awesome MFSYNC172 for providing these vids. Here we’ve got (and this isn’t even all of it!):

Ed doing “Sugar Mountain” and “the Needle and the Damage Done”.

Then Mike played a couple of songs (here’s one, about his daughter):

Then Ed and Jeff played “Bee Girl” (!!!):

And then Ed & Mike & the Pharmacists, doing “Search and Destroy”:

Too. Much. Awesome.