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Throw Your Arms Around Me, Auckland 1995

A favorite cover, this was in heavy rotation in my college days. I didn’t know the song at all until I heard Ed do it (years ago, now!), so it always amazes me when every Australian I’ve encountered (I have a lot of Australians in my life) know every word by enthusiastic heart. It makes me bitter about the pop music I encountered in the 80s. How did they get this, and I got Tiffany?

This version, from Auckland, is lovely, though the crowd is so intense it’s terrifying. The video is great: clearly a pro-shot.

If you’ve never heard the original, it’s well worth your time, though the video below feels rather dated. You’ll notice that Ed changes the lyrics of the original around,  (i.e., from “you will make me call your name” to “I will make you call my name”).

Mark Seymour joined Ed for a version on the Live at the Garden DVD, too.

In Hiding, Seattle 2000

We all know PJ was sent from above, and this video proves it. Or, maybe they are vampires. (Aren’t there sparkly vampires in those Twilight books?) The gents are sporting some sweet auras in this video, which is a super tight performance of a super great song. The glow-i-ness actually quite adds to it.

Rockin’ in the Free World, MTV Unplugged 1992

Our internet was down on the weekend, which meant I “had” to dive into the DVDs (because good lord, I couldn’t read or talk to someone or anything like that!). I settled on re-watching Unplugged from the Ten reissue, which is so ridiculously awesome it kind of hurts. But why on earth didn’t they include this song? It must be a licensing thing; I know they didn’t air “Oceans” but that made it on the DVD (thank goodness).

I’ve been going through a RITFW renaissance the last year or so. I think this is the third time I’ve posted it on this blog. I never used to think much of the song, but then, all of a sudden, something clicked, and I can’t get enough of it. Enjoy!

You Can Close Your Eyes, Ed with Natalie Maines, Voices for Justice 2010

There was much goodness at this show, including this gorgeous James Taylor cover with Natalie Maines.

I’m Open, Hartford 2006

This was the first time they played this live (thank you PJ StatTracker!). I mean, it’s not the whole song, but it’s pretty gorgeous.

Let’s See Action, The Who with Ed in Rehearsal, London 2000

Here’s some great footage from the rehearsal for the Royal Albert Hall show in 2000.

There’s also some great footage of Ed trying to decide what to sing. He’s says something like, “I can do ANY of them.” Roger’s like, “I know. What do you WANT to do?”

And here’s a link to the actual final show’s performance of “Let’s See Action”. Good stuff, but I almost think the rehearsal above is better. I’ve linked in the past to the final “I’m One”: a real highlight from that show.