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Rise & Under Pressure (with Ben Harper), Ed at Changes Begin Within 2009

Double dose today!

Many hearty thanks to Demetrios for uploading this awesomeness from the TV broadcast from David Lynch’s Changes Begin Within concert. David Lynch is totally freaky, but this is awesome.

Ed did “Rise” and “Under Pressure” (with Ben Harper and the Relentless7). That latter one is just, frankly, fucking cool. I kind of want to smack the lame-o audience over the head.

Our man Ed also came out for the finale with Ringo Starr, Sheryl Crowe, and Ben Harper & the Relentless7. He does a sweet “Bop shoo-op”. And they close it out with “Yellow Submarine”, so that’s worth watching.

Love -> Building on Fire, Ed with C-Average, Chicago 1999

Ed did a little mini tour with C-average in 1999 , and there is some nice video from their Chicago show at the House of Blues where they were opening for the Who (!). Here’s a great Talking Heads cover to start your week off right. It will probably be stuck in your head for the rest of the day: lucky you!

Good Woman, Cat Power with Ed

No, this isn’t a video. As far as I know (and I think I’d know), they’ve never performed it live together, sadly for us all. But if you haven’t heard it before, or you haven’t heard it in a while, it’s probably the most gorgeous, heart-breaking song you’ll ever hear. Cat Power is incredible, and this is her at her finest.

The Kids Are Alright, San Diego 1993

One of my favorite covers.

You can download a different, equally awesome version from And why aren’t you following on Facebook? Get on it!

And here’s another great version, from Cincinnati in 2006.

Ed and Mike crash Conan’s Legally Prohibited… Tour, Seattle 2010

Ed and Mike showed up at the Seattle stop of Conan O’Brien’s Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television tour in 2010, and it was greatness.

First, “Rise”.

Then, a John-Lennonesque birthday song for Conan, before which Ed reveals the real reason he likes playing ukelele.

And finally, Mike comes out to help out on “Baba O’Riley”, and Andy Richter is never lending Ed his tambourines again.

Alive (Rehearsal/Soundcheck), Utrecht 1992

I have no idea where this is from, but it looks like a pro-shot. The video is just about 100% EV-focused, and he’s wearing his standard early-90s uniform (seriously, how many of those brown t-shirts did he own?), so that doesn’t really narrow it down. I haven’t, admittedly, done much [any] research, but hereby call all Pearl Jam Scholars: any ideas?

Edited to add: Well, the power of the Twitterverse and awesomeness of the Pearl Jam Scholars has provided us with a pretty solid I.D. Thank you, @twofeetthick! Looks like this is a soundcheck for the 3/4/92 show in Utrecht, Holland. Here’s a link to “Evenflow” from that show with the same unwavering Ed-focus. And here’s a (slightly) broader view of “Hunger Strike”/”Garden”.