Betterman, Ed with Neil Finn & Friends, Auckland 2001

The four-night stand that Ed did with Neil Finn and friends (impressive friends: Johnny Marr, Ed O’Brien, Lisa Germano, Phil Selway, Tim Finn) in Auckland in 2001 is a treasure trove, lots of which is captured on the great album (and DVD) 7 Worlds Collide. It is well worth checking out an almost painfully beautiful “Stuff and Nonsense” and a rocking “I See Red” with Betchadupa (Neil Finn’s son Liam’s band – they’re like 16 or 17, pretty cool to see Ed rocking out with them). One of the other highlights, which Ed isn’t in, is Neil and his brother Tim doing an exquisite “Angel’s Heap“.

But there was more to it than 7 World’s Collide, and here is a really nice Betterman from the last show. It has a really nice, really sad tag.

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