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Leap day: climbing, diving, leaping

It’s leap day! Here are some epic leaps to enjoy.

Whipping, San Sabastian, Spain 2000

This is fun. The first bit is the crowd doing the “Olé” chant with Ed, and then Ed bantering about how they’ve been playing disastrously all evening, so the crowd gets to vote (and wisely picks the great “Whipping” over “Last Kiss”). Hilarity at 3:02 when Stone (off-camera) comes in for the chorus while Ed evidently decides to skip it. You can see Mike and Jeff being like “oops”. Also, some great shots of Matt just bashing the bujesus out of his kit.

Despite the fact that the night obviously wasn’t technically perfect, I feel like this video is evidence of why they’re such a great live band. The crowd doesn’t care, the music still rocks, and they’re just figuring it out on the fly. Good times!

Sad, San Francisco 2006

A great B-side off Binaural. It’s crazy, these B-sides. How do they decide what to cut? I feel like most bands would be so amazingly excited to have one song even half as good as this one, and they didn’t even put it on an album! Just one more reason to be a die-hard fan, I suppose.

Habit, Ed with Mike Watt and Dave Grohl, Ringspiel Tour 1995

Ed went on tour with Mike Watt, Dave Grohl and Pat Smear in mid-1995 to support Watt’s album Ball Hog or Tugboat. This was from one of those shows (maybe in Canada?). I always think of “Habit” as the sister song of “Against the 70s”, because of the “speaking as a child of the…” lines.

Also, a funny little interview with Mike Watt at the end of this performance.

Rearview Mirror, SNL rehearsal 1994

So Jimmy Fallon’s Ed impression inspired me to go hunting for this SNL performance.  The actual live performance isn’t available on YouTube, but the rehearsals are. They are eerily appropriate, given that this was just a week or so after Kurt Cobain killed himself: no audience, no cheers, super subdued. The guy introducing them seems like an SNL skit unto himself. They also performed a vicious “Not For You” and “Daughter/American Pie” (though tagged “Hey Hey, My My” in the actual live performance).

Pearl Jam was only the third band ever invited to perform three songs on SNL (according to, the previous two were Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen. Nice company.)

Jeremy, Red Rocks 1995

I bet you thought I was going to post “Jeremy (Lin)” from Jimmy Fallon last night, didn’t you? Well, well, well. You should watch it, especially the very end, for the Knicks on his heart à la SNL in 1994. Good stuff. I mean, a little tasteless, but good stuff.

But this is better: