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3 Lukins

“Lukin” has undergone a nice evolution over the years.

First, we’ve got the original, furious, rocking one, this one from Toronto in 1996:

Then at some point they started trying out an acoustic version. Here it is from Benaroya Hall in 2003:

And finally, “S’Lukin”, from MSG in 2010.

Porch, MTV Unplugged 1992

Yeah, yeah. If you’re a PJ fan you’ve probably seen this a hundred times. Well? Time to watch it again, because it really just doesn’t get much better than this. When Ed’s voice starts soaring after the break, you might jump up and freak out with him.

Lowlight, Benaroya Hall, Seattle 2003

I saw Ed solo at Benaroya Hall last year, and it’s a lovely place to see a show. I can only imagine how unbelievable this show would have been. Also, how slick is Matt in his tie?

Walk With Me, Bridge School 2010

I’ve never been to Bridge School, and every time PJ plays I kick myself for not getting there, because it’s always unreal. Thank goodness for YouTube. Here, they played “Walk With Me”, with Neil Young, in 2010.

Ed’s surprise Letterman visit and Balls in Your Mouth

PJ doesn’t do a whole lot of TV appearances, so it’s always quite exciting when they show up, especially when they show up unexpectedly. Which I believe Ed has done twice. Once, in 1996, on Letterman, he showed up to show Dave how to sing “Black” properly.

And on Jimmy Fallon in 2011, when PJ was playing anyway, Ed helped out on a protest song, “(Tar) Balls in Your Mouth.” [Video updated 2/23/2017, ever chasing it not being deleted]

Whoever said he didn’t have a sense of humor?

Untitled/MFC, Mansfield 2000

The video isn’t great quality, but it was a GREAT show (I was there), and these are just two totally fantastic songs.